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On this site you'll find over two thousand ships of Shell Tankers built between 1867 and 2017. As well as the ships of The Eagle Tanker Company Ltd, built between 1912 and 1959. Now the Oil- and Gas- fleet managed by Shell International Trading and Shipping Comp. London.

Besides that, over nine thousand visitors have registered themselves here, and they added themselves as member of the crew for 29.000 times. No less than 1.500 guestbook messages and 1.200 anecdotes were shared at Helderline. The 5.700 photos and images show the 2.285 ships, which are classified in 79 classes, 17 types of cargo, 308 managing companies, 399 yards and 60 countries. We even have 600 ships of which we know the current location.

I sailed in the sixties on the Abida, Vitrea, Koratia and the Kosicia.

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Brightoil Glory

Completed 2012 as Brightoil Glory for Brightoil Shipping. 2019 in charter for Shell Int. Eastern Trading Comp. (SIETCO). 2019 sold to Delta Tankers Greece.


Completed 2010 as Kastos for Eletson. 2010-2011 time-charter for STASCo.


Completed 2004 as Alonissos for Eletson. 2007-2010 time-charter for STASCo.


Completed 1879 as Petriana for Bell & Symonds London. 1882 sold to R.Dickinson London. 1886 converted to a tanker. 1897 purchased by Shell Transport & Trading. 1903 transferred to Asiatic Petroleum. 28-11-1903 wrecked on Corsair Reef.

Rock Light

Completed 1889 as Rock Light for Croscow & Lane. 1899 purchased by Shell Transport & Trading. 1907 sold to Petroleum S.S. 1917 purchased by British Tanker and renamed British Viscount. 23-2-1918 torpedoed by U91 and sunk.


Completed 1887 as Jubilee for South Eastern Railway Comp. 1899 purchased by Shell Transport & Trading. 14-9-1901 wrecked at Cape Mandar.


Completed 1894 as Euplectela for Samuel & Co. (founder of SHELL) 1906 sold to Petroleum S.S. 1907 purchased by Anglo-Saxon. 1921 depotship at Barcelona. 1927 sold to Danubio Genua and renamed Perseus. 1928 renamed Centaurus. 1930 sold Soc. Italiana Genua and renamed Siaba. 1933 scrapped Savona Italy

Haliotis (1)

Completed 1898 as Haliotis for Shell Transport & Trading. 1902 transferred to N.I.T. 1923 sold to Nafta Italy and renamed Nafta. 1924 renamed Aureola. 1940 to Italian Marine and renamed Zeila. 23-3-1943 torpedoed and sunk by HMS Unison.

Trigonia (1)

Completed 1898 as Trigonia for Shell Transport & Trading. 1902 transferred to N.I.T. 1921 transferred back to Anglo-Saxon. 1924 to Compania Shell Portugal and renamed Shell IX. 1940 scrapped Portugal.

Bulysses (1)

Completed 1900 as Bulysses for Shell Transport & Trading. 20-8-1917 torpedoed and sunk by U52.

Cardium (1)

Completed 1900 as Cardium for Shell Transport & Trading. 1925 scrapped Bilbao.


Completed 1900 as Strombus for Shell Transport & Trading. 1926 sold to Cia Ballenera del Peru and renamed Callao. 1929 sold to Hvalfanger as whale oil supply ship. 1940 mined off Swansea and sank.


Completed 1901 as Dordt for Dordtsche Petroleum Mij. 1907 sold to K.P.M. 16.3.1931 sunk by Batavia.

El Guisr

Completed 1883 as sandhopper El Guisr for Suez Canal Company. 1901 purchased by Shell Transport & Trading and converted to a tanker for Dutch East Indies-China trade. 1903 transferred to Asiatic Petroleum. 1907 scrapped.

Pinna (1)

Completed 1900 as Pinna for Shell Transport & Trading. 1907 sold to Lane & Macandrew. 1917 purchased by British Tanker and renamed British Earl. 1929 sold to Tankschiff Rederi Julius Schindler and renamed Tankschindler. 1931 sold to Anon Imprese Venice and renamed Trottiera. 1942 renamed Orissa. 1944 renamed Malvern. 1949 scrapped Shanghai.