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On this site you'll find over two thousand ships of Shell Tankers built between 1867 and 2017. As well as the ships of The Eagle Tanker Company Ltd, built between 1912 and 1959. Now the Oil- and Gas- fleet managed by Shell International Trading and Shipping Comp. London.

Besides that, over nine thousand visitors have registered themselves here, and they added themselves as member of the crew for 29.000 times. No less than 1.500 guestbook messages and 1.200 anecdotes were shared at Helderline. The 5.700 photos and images show the 2.285 ships, which are classified in 79 classes, 17 types of cargo, 308 managing companies, 399 yards and 60 countries. We even have 600 ships of which we know the current location.

I sailed in the sixties on the Abida, Vitrea, Koratia and the Kosicia.

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Maran Gas Hydra

Completed 3-2-2019 as Maran Gas Hydra for Maran Gas. In long term charter for Shell. Capacity 173.400 cubic metres of LNG.


Completed 1926 as Soedoe. 1939 sold to Ned. New Guinee Petroleum. 1960 scrapped.

Shell Spirit 2

Completed 1939 as Shell Spirit 2 for Union Lighterage. In charter for Shell-Mex & BP. 1972 sold to Bower & King and renamed Bermondsey. 1974 sold to Cherry Marine and renamed Cherrymarine as a bunkertanker on the Tees. 1979 scrapped Blyth.

San Ernesto (1)

Completed 1939 as San Ernesto for Eagle Oil. 16-6-1943 torpedoed and sunk by Japanese submarine I-37.

San Emiliano (1)

Completed 1939 as San Emiliano for Eagle Oil. 9-8-1942 torpedoed and sunk by U155.

San Eliseo

Completed 1939 as San Eliseo for Eagle Oil. 18-5-1942 torpedoed by U156. Repaired. 1963 scrapped Bilbao.


Completed 1939 as Petro for Union Lighterage. In charter for Shell-Mex & BP. 1960 sold. 1971 converted to a cargo vessel and renamed Pickerel. 1981 end register.

Shell I

Completed 1922 as Shell VIII for Shell Sweden. 1940 transferred to Shell Denmark and renamed Shell I. 1968 sold to Hansen Denmark and renamed Iron II. 1970 sold to Barntsson and renamed Nobless I. 1975 sold to Karlsson Sweden and renamed renamed Artpok. 1981 converted to a passengership WMU 01. 1985 renamed Middelgrund AV Halmstad. 1995 renamed Kolingen. 1996 renamed Lindon II. 2010 Linnea af Upsala.

President Sergent

Completed 1923 as President Sergent for Petrofina France. 1940 taken over by M.O.W.T. (Anglo-Saxon) 18-11-1942 torpedoed and sunk by U624 in Atlantic convoy.


Completed 1937 as Nerita for Rederi Semo Sweden. 1940 sold to Shell Sweden. 1960 sold to Partrederiet Sweden and renamed Tarntank. 1966 sold to Knut Julin and renamed Dago. 1972 sold to Arfaz Rotterdam and renamed Arfaz. 1974 sold to Iran.

Lakeshell (2)

Completed 1940 as Lakeshell for Shell Canada. 1969 scrapped United Metals Hamilton. Picture(s) by Dave Benedet.


Completed 1928 as Jane Maersk for A.P. Moller. 1940 seized by Dutch Government. Managed by N.I.T. and renamed Ambo. 1942 sunk. Raised and repaired by Japan and renamed Teika Maru. 1944 sunk.

Mary Else Tholstrup

Completed 1965 as Mary Else Tholstrup for Kosan Tankers. 1969-1960 in charter for Shell Singapore. 1980 wrecked Roches Point Cork. Refloated and towed to Odense Denmark for scrap in 1981.

Charlotte Kosan

Completed 2003 as Luna Gas for Viking Carriers. 2004 sold to Lauritzen and renamed Charlotte Kosan. 2007-2008 in time-charter for STASCo. 2016 sold to Sea Support and renamed Sea Liberty.

Fulgur (2)

Completed 1974 as Fulgur for Shell Tankers Rotterdam. 1990 sold Pacific Ship Singapore and renamed Palma. 1993 sold Nan Guang Marine and renamed Ocean Pearl. 2000 sold Honduras and renamed Alpine. 2001 converted to a Floating Storage Production vessel for Modec and renamed MV8 Langsa Vertune. 2011 to Thome Oil Singapore and renamed Ptap One. 2018 laid-up.