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On this site you'll find over two thousand ships of Shell Tankers built between 1867 and 2017. As well as the ships of The Eagle Tanker Company Ltd, built between 1912 and 1959. Now the Oil- and Gas- fleet managed by Shell International Trading and Shipping Comp. London.

Besides that, over nine thousand visitors have registered themselves here, and they added themselves as member of the crew for 29.000 times. No less than 1.500 guestbook messages and 1.200 anecdotes were shared at Helderline. The 5.700 photos and images show the 2.285 ships, which are classified in 79 classes, 17 types of cargo, 308 managing companies, 399 yards and 60 countries. We even have 600 ships of which we know the current location.

I sailed in the sixties on the Abida, Vitrea, Koratia and the Kosicia.

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Completed 1959 as San Ernesto for Eagle Tanker. 1960 purchased to STUK. 1964 renamed Alinda. 12-4-1983 arrived Karachi for scrap.


Completed 1927 as Paua for Shell New Zealand. 1950 sold to Colon Shipping and renamed Heather. 1954 sold to Pan Norse Hong Kong and renamed Lucky Carrier. 1957 scrapped Hong Kong.

Patella (2)

Completed 1927 as Patella for Anglo-Saxon. 19-4-1942 sunk by German raider Michel. Voyage Trinidad for Simonstown.

Pecten (1)

Completed 1927 as Pecten for Anglo-Saxon. 25-8-1940 torpedoed and sunk by U57. Voyage Trinidad to Clyde.


Completed 1927 as Shaza for Shell East Africa. 1957 sold to Southern Line and renamed Southern Enterprise. 1972 sold to Soares Kenya and renamed Shaza. 1996 scrapped register.

Spondilus (3)

Completed 1927 as Spondilus for Anglo-Saxon. 13-10-1959 arrived Hong Kong for scrap.

Telana (1)

Completed 1895 as Telana for Samuel & Co. (founder of SHELL) 21-4-1917 torpedoed and sunk by U61.

Trocas (2)

Completed 1927 as Trocas for Anglo-Saxon. 1954 sold to Shell Co. of Gibraltar as a hulk. 10-5-1960 arrived Valencia for scrap.

Telena (2)

Completed 1927 as Telena for Anglo-Saxon. 29-5-1940 attacked by U37 gunfired and set on fire. Voyage Tripoli Syria Pauillac. Grounded in shallow water. 18-8-1940 towed to Vigo for repairs. 1942 renamed Gerona by Spanish Government. 5-1975 scrapped Cataluna.

Trocas (1)

Completed 1893 as Trocas for Samuel & Co. (founder of SHELL) 19-1-1918 torpedoed and sunk by U23.

Rossi A. Desgagnes

Completed 2019 as Rossi A. Desgagnes, the last in a series of four dual-fuel tankers for Groupe Desgagnes. Contract for Petro Canada, Shell, Ultramar, Esso and Imperial Oil.


Completed 1938 as Saroena for N.I.T. 10.2.1943 torpedoed and damaged U 81 on voyage Tripoli to Haifa. 1956 to Shell Tankers Rotterdam. 15-1-1961 arrived Hong Kong for scrap.


Completed 1928 as Adela for C.S.M. 7-1953 arrived Baltimore USA for scrapping.


Completed 1928 as Alicia for C.S.M. 7-1953 arrived Baltimore USA for scrapping.

Caroni River

Completed 1928 as Caroni River for British Empire. In charter for Anglo-Saxon. 20-1-1940 mined and sunk.