Completed 1954 as "HAUSTRUM" for STUK. 7-7-1975 arrived Kaohsiung for scrap.

IMO number
Call sign
Construction number
19.165 ton
Length overall
Year of construction
Year of renaming/broken up
Service for Shell
1954 to 1975
Flag state
Home port



Name Job Period Details
John Lyne deck apprentice 1954
Patrick Frank Newman able seaman 1954 to 1955
David Gibson fireman/watertender 1954 to 1955 f/wt
John Alford deck boy 1954 to 1955
Robert Maclean able seaman 1955
Donald Arthur Kent 2nd steward 1955
Leo J. Mc Shane apprentice 1955
Alec Provan deck apprentice 1955
John Rex Winsor 3rd mate 1957
Martin J Eele deck apprentice 1957 to 1960
John F Bayne able seaman 1958
Derrick Owen King apprentice engineer 1959 to 1960 1st ship
Brian Tony Withers deck apprentice 1959
Douglas Cross 2nd steward 1960
Alistair Montgomery 5th engineer 1960
Roland Mackenzi... deck apprentice 1960 to 1961
George Russell 5th engineer 1961
John Albert Evans 2nd cook and baker 1961
Neil Porter apprentice 1961
Graham Walden 5th engineer, 4th engineer 1962 to 1963
Robin Powell radio officer 1963 to 1964
Brian Sweeney pantryboy 1965
Ronald Davies apprentice engineer 1966 to 1967
Malcolm Dann deck apprentice 1966 to 1967
Keith Peacock apprentice engineer 1966 to 1967
Chris Spencer 3rd mate 1966 to 1967
David Edwards radio officer 1966 to 1967
Douglas Panton junior radio officer 1966 to 1967 1st trip
Mike Ewart 3rd engineer 1967 to 1971 eng apprentice and 3rd engineer
Mike Yeats deck apprentice 1967
Ian Tommy Tucker apprentice engineer 1967 to 1968
Peter Brian Coxwell extra 3rd mate 1967
Graham Wheeler radio officer 1967
Michael Rand 3rd engineer 1968 1st trip
Roger Roue apprentice engineer 1968 to 1969
Albert Loane chief radio officer 1968 to 1969
Barney Boylan 2 assistant steward 1969 to 1970
Terry Crook 5th engineer 1969 to 1970 1st trip
David Sparrow T... 5th engineer 1970
John Pritchard 2nd steward 1970 to 1971
Roy Tubbs 4th engineer 1970
Peter Allan assistant steward 1970 to 1971
Chris Goode catering boy 1970 to 1971
Roy Rodwell 5th engineer 1970 to 1971
Gordon Adam deck apprentice 1971 to 1972
David C. Richmond chief engineer 1971
Iain Mccoll chief steward 1971 to 1972
Peter John Eastick 2nd steward 1972 to 1973
Daniel Smith Cowie 4th engineer 1972
John Hudson Fifth Engineer 1972 to 1973
Murdo Campbell junior ordinary seaman 1972 to 1973
Gary Wilks radio officer 1972 to 1973
Paul William Cave junior ordinary seaman 1972 to 1973
Leo Meng Si engineer cadet 1972
Robin Buncombe 3rd engineer 1972 to 1973
Ng Kok Chu engineer cadet 1972 to 1973 1st trip, from Singapore
Andy Crooke 3rd engineer 1972
Iain Mccoll chief steward 1973
Mike Napper deck cadet 1973
Joep Herbergs 3rd mate 1973
George Alan Shewan 5th engineer 1973
Ben Palmer cadet 1973 to 1974 1st trip
George Alan Shewan 5th engineer 1973
Ian Macdonald fireman 1973
Murray Mcgregor deck cadet 1973
Robert Ian Fletcher 2nd engineer 1973
Allan Feeley engineer 1974
Steve Czerwionka 3rd engineer 1974
David Nesom chief steward 1974
Bob Comer fireman 1975
Brian Killilea radio officer 1975 Onboard when scrapped
Colin Mckay deck cadet 1975 onboard when scrapped
Alasdair Maclean 5th engineer 1975 To scrap in Taiwan


Date Visitor Anecdote
10/09/2017 - 20:51 Donald Arthur Kent

I worked on a number of Shell Tankers, between 1951 and 1955. The Haustrum was the last.
I joined her at Newcastle on 19/2/55 and was discharged on 2/9/55. It was an enjoyable few months.
We sailed mainly between Curacao,and Argentina and Uruguay

08/19/2013 - 17:04 Ian Kenworthy

Re San Flaviano in Balik Papan. A few hours after you on the Bursa. As you say, a bit scary. Was it 1959 or 1960? Can't remember now. Seems a lifetime ago. It is!!

08/19/2013 - 14:56 John F Bayne

I was on her when we were the first ship that went to Balikpapan after the San Flaviano was sunk by the C.I.A. Scary. lifeboats down to water ready to jump in

10/04/2012 - 17:04 David I Lazenby

I was on the 'Haustellum' around 1964 doing the Saigon/ Singapore run, the same time I believe as the 'Haustrum'. Can anyone confirm that the 'Haustrum' was hit by gunfire/rockets whilst navigating the Mekong Delta ? Many thanks.