Completed 1959 as "SAN CALISTO" for Eagle Tanker. 1960 purchased by STUK. 1965 renamed "VERMETUS". 9-5-1975 arrived Masan for scrap.

Also known as
San Calisto
IMO number
Call sign
Construction number
33.750 ton
Length overall
Year of construction
Year of renaming/broken up
Service for Shell
1960 to 1975
Flag state
Home port



Name Job Period Details
David Michael Fuller 5th engineer 1961
John Langridge 5th engineer 1966 to 1967
Sheff Preston 2nd engineer 1966
Roger Duke apprentice engineer 1966
James Maurice S... 5th engineer 1966 to 1967
Bill Sturrock 5th engineer 1967 to 1968
Dave Pollard sparks radio officer 1967
Lawrence Lawson... 2nd engineer 1967
John Mc Kenna deck boy 1967
Peter Wheeler junior radio officer 1968
William Nicol 1 assistant steward 1968 to 1969
Roger Duke 5th engineer 1968 to 1969
David Beeston apprentice engineer 1968
John Bateson 3rd engineer 1968
Roger David Collins apprentice engineer 1969 to 1970
Andy Johnston catering boy 1969 to 1971
Glenn Baker able seaman 1969 to 1970
Brian Lindo 4th engineer 1969 to 1970
Derek J. Hislop apprentice engineer 1969 to 1970 engine room apprentice/boy
Joseph Moore apprentice engineer 1969
Rogerpalmer 5th engineer 1969
Allen Hill 5th engineer 1969 to 1970
Roy Barker 2nd steward 1970
Terry Smart 2nd engineer 1970
Ivan Johnston 5th engineer 1971
Frederick Paul ... 5th engineer 1972
John Jack Raine 4th engineer 1972 to 1973
Tom Forrest deck cadet 1972 Joined Bonny .First time in west africa.
Bill Cooper 5th engineer 1973
Nigel Mott engineer cadet 1973
Diggory Stupart 5th engineer 1973
Ken Cribb 5th engineer 1973 to 1974
Lawrence Lawson... 2nd engineer 1974
Donald Morrison engineer cadet 1974
Eric Phillips captain (commanding officer) 1974 to 1975
Ken Dickson 5th engineer 1974
Ken Wood 2nd mate 1974
Robin Macleod 3rd mate 1974 to 1975
Peter John Houghton 2nd engineer 1974
Darrell Meacher 5th engineer 1975
Bernard Sayer 3rd engineer 1975
Roy Humphreys 4th engineer 1975 to 1974
Mike Potts cadet 1976


Date Visitor Anecdote
03/25/2017 - 23:11 Bill Sturrock

Falmouth photo brings back memories.Hard to believe it\'s almost fifty years ago.

12/18/2015 - 14:15 Roger Duke

During a Voyage from Europe to Curacao we had a riding squad on board to re-tube the generator banks on both boilers. Apparently the low level float trips had not drained properly and resulted in overheating and failure of some of the tubes. This was my second trip on board the ship I was 5th Eng.

07/12/2015 - 21:21 Ginger Thomson

joined her at Scaramango dry dock Athenes 1965 , she was San Calisto , then old Eagle oil , [ had great logo , lots o plates etc got the heave ] when renamed then to ss vermetus , we went to middle east , Singapore , Borneo , ime sure it was her we landed in geelong bearings problem after freemantle few boys jumped ship there .
Wax the cargo , from Borneo , uprising at the time so troops on board when loading . Home to Rotterdam , problem bay o Biscay , heating coils some broke down so cargo , becoming solid , but fixed in time , paid off ime sure change over , would have stayed on , enjoyed the trip.

04/17/2013 - 13:43 Rogerpalmer

Fell in love in Malmo(Sweden),took a day at the Campo in Curacao to get over it.

12/20/2010 - 15:30 Karl J. Fear

I sailed as first trip cadet on this fine old lady in 1972.
Spent Christmas 1972 in Curacao harbour and celebrated Chinese New Year onboard with our Chinese Hong Kong crew.