Completed 1978 as "ENTALINA" for STUK. 1990 as "ENTALINA" to Shell Tankers Rotterdam. 1997 sold Danebridge Shipping and renamed Amer Power. 2000 sold ASM Shipping India and renamed Entalina. 2002 to Glory Shipping Singapore as Entalina. 25-1-2007 arrived Alang for scrap.

Also known as
Amer Power
IMO number
Call sign
Construction number
30.990 ton
Length overall
Year of construction
Year of renaming/broken up
Service for Shell
1978 to 1997
Flag state
Home port



Name Job Period Details
Kevin Blackburn 4th engineer 1977 to 1978
Roger Chapman radio officer 1978 to 1984
Roger Beecroft 3rd engineer 1979
Robin Macleod 2nd mate 1979
Sang Duong refugee 1979 from Vietnam
Anh Tuyet Tran refugee 1979 from Vietnam
Clive Evans radio officer 1979
GCEVANS 1st radio officer 1980 14th nov 1979 to 18th feb 1980 picked up 150 refugees singapore to darwin
Steve Watts 3rd engineer 1980 to 1982
Bill Parker 2nd mate 1980
Peter Liversedge 2nd officer 1981
Bill Glaister 3rd mate 1981
David Cuders engineer cadet 1981
Paul Hagan able seaman 1982
Andy Eastbury engineer cadet 1982
Stewart A. Wood 3rd engineer 1982
John Ross 2 chief officer 1982 to 1983
Chris Grimson 3rd mate 1982
Mike Ryan 3rd mate 1983
Michael Turnbull 5th engineer 1983
John Arnott 2nd officer 1983
Hung Huynh refugee 1983 from Vietnam
Brian Graham chief engineer 1984 to 1985
Ian Bishop 3rd engineer 1984
John Arnott 2nd officer 1984
Siu Ming Tam chief steward 1984 to 1985
Gus Mcphail senior radio officer 1984
Graham Gould 4th engineer 1984 to 1985
Hamish Elliott deck cadet 1985 to 1986
Stuart Gallaway 2nd mate 1985
Bernard Reynolds captain (commanding officer) 1986 to 1987
Chris Clayton trainee radio officer 1986 My first merchant navy ship. Joined as a trainee RO in Geelong. Great trip to Solomon Is, Papua New Guinea, Singapore and Northern Australia. Disembarked Singapore.
John Small 3rd officer 1987
Steven Matthews mate 1987 to 1988
Paul Kelly 3rd mate 1987 to 1988
Alan Paterson engineer cadet 1987 to 1988
Eric Cordiner able seaman 1988
Robert Yuille 2nd engineer 1988 to 1989
Robin Campbell-... chief engineer officer 1988
Simon Harrold cook steward/catering officer 1989 to 1990
Richard Willmott 4th engineer 1989
Charles Humphreys 3rd officer 1989
Trevor Ayre 2nd mate 1989
Rolf Van Der Voort 1e stuurman 1990 to 1995
Mohamad Tohir Laisa 3rd officer 1990 to 1991
John Tallon messman/cook/steward 1990 to 1993
Tony Gouldbourne Cpo chief petty officer 1990 to 1991
Mohamad Tohir Laisa 2nd officer 1991 to 1992
Alphons Fluitsma hoofdwerktuigkundige 1991 to 1992
Rene Smallenbroek moroff 1992
Hendrik De Bruin maritime officer 3 1992 to 1993
Ronald Mooring 2nd officer 1992
Scholte superintendent engineer 1992 Had vessel in Hitachi Zosen Shipyard Singapore) for Special Survey
Mohamad Tohir Laisa safety officer 1993
Wolf Beekman master 1993 to 1996
Jonathan Takaria 3rd mate, 2nd mate 1993 to 1994
John Kalkman hoofdwerktuigkundige 1994
Cornelis Ganur 4th engineer 1994
Rob Bosman 2nd engineer 1994
Robert Vlaardin... mo 4 1994
Jean-pierre Ijzerman chief officer 1994
Rijnder De Boer chief officer 1994 to 1995
Gerrit Jan Harlaar 2nd engineer 1995
Wilco Van Amersfoort 3e stuurman 1995
John Kalkman hoofdwerktuigkundige 1995
Gerrit Jan Harlaar 2nd engineer 1996 to 1997
Adrie Van Leeuwen master 1996
Pieter Toemen 2nd engineer 1996


Date Visitor Anecdote
08/22/2016 - 01:55 Hung Huynh

I was fleeing from Vietnam in 1983 July, I was a part of the Vietnamese boat people who were escaping from south Vietnam due to communism and the poverty at the time. I was saved by entalina, along with many others, and I was hoping that I could track down the captain who is responsible to saving mine and my fellow friends lives. I am forever grateful, and would love to be able to show my gratitude and appreciation that I couldn't show at the time as I did not know how to speak English. it has been about 33 years since I was last saved from the sea, and I would love to have the honour and the opportunity to meet the man who saved my life again.

08/28/2013 - 09:12 Wilco Van Amersfoort

Met my wife onboard the Entalina. She was cadet, I was the new 3rd Officer boarding in Trinidad.
Great time in the Carribean with this old fashion little tanker. Discharging in Havana was great fun and draining took ages.

12/22/2012 - 13:04 Clive Evans

I was onboard entalina as the radio officer. we picked up 150 vietnamese boat people and took them to Darwin. 4 days at anchor. whilst all were processed and landed by the australian authorities. Dawin radio great help and they all attended at ships party afterwards so we could thank them for their help this included all port officials, medical staff and local mission. Captain Was Norman Sloan, Mate was Mike Pryce from new zealand.several vietnamese stayed in darwin some went to usa, some to uk. they wrote us a letter of thanks which I have mislaid so would like a copy if possible.

06/21/2012 - 15:15 Trevor Ayre

I joined the Entalina in New York (Actually New Jersey, and staed on her for 6 months, running downto Venezuela.
The Master was a Syrian named Moshbar we called him Mars Bar, or something similar, and the C/E was Irish.
It was one of the unhappiest trips of my life.