My Father, Chief Engineer David H Smith worked for Shell and sailed on many ships, including the Vanessa, Limopsis, Lotorium and others whose names I have forgotten. He is now 90 years old and suffering very badly from Dementia and being cared for by his 80 year old wife, Jean. Dad was one of the very first to receive the Merchant Marine Medal, he continued working until his late 70’s eventually retiring from Arklow Shipping. Even though he is very ill he still remembers his days at sea.

Dave Smith, a very proud 55 year ild son.
I am a Shell Pensioner try the following:-
SPA Secretary
SPBA Secretary & Treasurer

Rgds Bernard Reynolds, Captain MN Retd

UPDATE: names and phone numbers have been removed; please do not publish personal information.

Shell Tankers (UK) Ltd. is on Facebook. From Facebook search enter Shell Tankers (UK) Ltd. & request to join the group. Hope to see you all soon. All the best,
Mick Cardiff.
I sailed on various Shell UK tankers in the 1970's as an engineering officer. I'm trying to sort out a deferred pension but I'm getting nowhere.
Any advice would be much appreciated.
Have lost contacts on my computer please any shipmates who
sailed on the Verconella during 1967-1968 please contact...

Best Regards John A Frearson
i would like contact with Floris.He was with me on the Kermia shel tanker 57/58.He was the cooksboy
Pleas as you read this replay to me Lowy Cremers i was the pantryboy on the Kermia.
My father Harold Cover worked on the nivosa for the merchant navy can you help me find my father

I sailed on several Shell vessels from 1966 to 1972
I am the son of Jos Schregardus who retired from Shell Tankers in 1984. Jos sailed as 2nd, 1st mate and as a captain on tankers of Shell. When his vessel was in Rotterdam Europoort for bunkering I always came on board as a child, later as teenager and even when I was sailing as an engineer for the Royal Dutch Navy. I remember some names of vessels he was sailing on such as: Achmea, Onoba, Vitrea, Macoma (2), Kosicia, Capulonix. I will see if I can find some notes on which vessels he sailed in which years. Maybe people sailed with him.
Apprentiship at Rivetsdale Trchnical college 1962. Now live in Cape Town
I am an Aussie was working on the wharfs in Durban Sth Africa trying to work my passage back when a workmate told me there as a tanker at the tanker wharf that was short of crew so I applied for a job on board, the skipper was a bit hesitant but as they were short on crew he signed me on, on the understanding that we would eventually end up in London.
That was great for me and I enjoyed every moment I spent on Amoria.
We went up the coast of Africa, out of Curacao around the West indies.
Out of Cardom Lakes Sth America and finally signed off in London.
I think I was on board 6 to 8 months and loved every minute, enjoyed the company of the crew and was put on the job of 5th engineer with the 2nd engineer.
They called me Aussie on board.
That was definitely a highlight of my life.
i sailed on quite a few Shell vessels from 1980 to 1886.
I am originally from Northern Ireland, Shell was under British flag when i was there.
i sailed on both GP & conventional crews.
Anyone remember me?
Eamonn Mulholland