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I am trying to get into contact with you but your contact form is not working. Can you please contact me or repair your contact form?

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Ik doe mee aan een project om de kaarten van zeelieden die in WO2 voeren te digitaliseren. In de kolom "Remarks and Shore Address" staat vaak de verwijzing "c.d.l.", of ook "c.l.", met een datum er achter. Weet iemand wat dat betekent?
Ik doe mee aan een project om de kaarten van zeelieden die in WO2 voeren te digitaliseren.
In de kolom "Remarks and Shore Address" staat vaak de verwijzing "c.d.l.", of ook "c.l."
Weet iemand wat dat betekent?
Op de vraag van de heer of mevrouw Strauss over de gezagvoerder op de Sepia in 1978 is het antwoord P.B. Hibma.

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Hello. I'm looking to find any information on my great uncle Christopher T Underwood who was a radio officer on the tanker Navicella. He unfortunately died why sailing between Willemstad (Curaçao) and Durban (South Africa) during 1959. If anyone has any information they could share with me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. Joe
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Ik ben de kleinzoon van Captain D.M. Mos. Helaas is de liefste gezagvoerder op 25 maart 2021 overleden. Ik ben gaan zoeken naar zijn naam en kwam deze site tegen en dus ook zijn naam in vorige berichten. Opa vertelde altijd heel veel verhalen, maar had niet van alles foto’s of jullie ervaringen. Graag zou ik in contact willen komen met collega’s die met mijn opa gevaren hebben op de diverse Shell boten via Ik weet zelf alleen dat hij gevaren heeft op de Fergus, Felania en Spectrum. Helaas weet ik niet de precieze jaartallen. Zouden jullie mij verder kunnen helpen?

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Jorenzo Mos /

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I am a grandson of Captain D.M. Mos. Unfortunately one of the greatest captain in history have passed away on the 25th of March 2021. I’ve been looking for his name through internet and found his name and some stories at this site. He had so many stories, but not always a picture from it, or stories how colleagues experienced my grandpa. I would like to ask you, if you might have sailed with Captain D.M. Mos on Shell (or other) boats, please contact me via He have sailed on the Shell boats: Fergus, Felania and Spectrum. I don’t know the years of those trips exactly. Maybe you could help me any further? Thank you in advance!

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Jorenzo Mos
I joined the STS Haustellum in 1954 as the Galley boy in Newcastle I believe . I sailed on her for the first year from sea trials including her maiden voyage. this was my first tanker and voyage overseas. we sailed from Newcastle for sea trials then to Falmouth before finally leaving for overseas. It was not a particularly happy ship as there were some issues on board . I believe one of the engineers was paid off early as I think he was unstable . the cook at the time was a bit of a bully and made my life miserable. toward the end of my time, on board, the Bosun was killed trying to connect cables for the wind tubes airing out the tanks. We also went through Hurricane Hazel which damaged some of the superstructure including parts of the flying bridge. we had single cabins and my cabin was right aft . Any time the seas got rough I had to make sure my deadlight was closed and screwed tight as it was real close to the water. All in all it was a stressful voyage and I was glad to be paid off.
Hello, I am trying to use your contact page but cannot submit a message – I keep being asked to provide an email address, but there is no box in which to do so. Is there an alternative way I can contact Kees Helder? It is in relation to publishing some of the images on the website in the magazine of the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Janine Flew
Wie kent de naam van de kapitein in 1978 aan boord ss SEPIA die de KMR vlag voerde?
I will be happy to receive a list over Shell VLCC's. Joergen
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How do you add your own name to ships?