Is there anyone out there who served on tanker "Cerinthus" - although, strictly not a "Shell" vessel, she was owned by the Hadley Shippng Co, a "subsiduary of Houlder Brothers n the 1950s/1960,s, and spent the vast amount of her time chartered to Shell. l joined Cerinthus in Jan 1960 in Barry Dock (C.H.Baileys drydock facility), my first ship, as Junior Deck Apprentice, and paid-off after a single voyage, ending in Tilbury in Jan 1961, when l then pursued a career in the Construction industry. l still have fond memories of this voyage, under the captaincy of C.J.Welch who had to retrurn to the UK in Dec 1960 from Curacao - also 1st Officer Thomas Woolcott. Chief Engineer was Ernest Featherstone, who it was "rumoured" was the elder brother of Margaret Rutherford, the renowned British actress at the time. Our ports of call were all west of Greenwich with the exception of Rotterdam prior to end of voyage in Tilbuury, London, and main base being Lake Maracaibo / Curacao, from where we carried various grades of crude & some refined products to various destinations on both east and west coasts of north and south America. Generally a very happy ship of which l have fond memories. lstill have my log-book from that time, including list of all crew members. Would be pleased to hear from anybody who sailed on Cerinthus during this period
I was on a few shell ships during my career in the MN between 1966 and 1983. Really enjoyed it
I had a fantastic surprise a couple of weeks ago. Ivor Newbury got in contact with me through this site. We sailed together on the Desmoulea 60 years ago. He was the R/O and I was first trip D/A. He remembered when we were berthing in Bombay we were rammed by a tug and spent 3 weeks having a new plate fitted to the hull. He only lives 30 miles from me so he and his wife came to see me and my daughter. We had a great time together swinging the lead. I'm 77 and he is 78.
I visit thuis site for the frist time in 2014 and it brings up mans Nice memories.
Last week i found the shell film voortvarend, Wheel i player a verg small rol.
I also recgnize two sailers Kees de Jong and Jan van den Brink. Are the re any
Otter won where on board of the Acila in 1965? I wonder.
My step father Harry Redman sailed as junior engineer on the Vivien Louise in the 1950's. His picture of the ship has a totally different superstructure midships and stern from all other pictures. Did it have a rebuild in its career.

M Morgan
I joined the ship in Barrow in Furness and sailed on her from my home town in 1957 until 1958. I was the Electrical officer at that time called "Lecky". My wife Joyce and baby daughter Sharon joined us at Gravesend, while the ship was in dry dock. The pilot brought baby milk onboard. The chief engineer "Killer Cane", and baby Sharon got on like a house on fire! An enjoyable encounter for us all and a good crew!
im 71 now worked on shell ships from 1963 up to 1993 better known as mad jack
just woundering anyone still about i saild with if so drop me a line
Hi John,
Just a bit of info. I sailed with a 5/E. Called Mike Hardy on the Volsella in 1963/4.
Afraid I have no further info on him.
Hi John, I live in Hunstanton so does a C/E. Whereabouts do you live

Hi Kees,
Looking for the whereabouts of a junior engineer named Mike 'Hands' Hardy who sailed with me on the Axina and came from Yarmouth Norfolk UK.
I am at present living in Norfolk and would love to hear that he is alive and well.
Ken Waterworth was the Chief Engineer on board at the time.
Would appreciate any contacts who knew this lovely guy.
Zijn er nog bekenden die hier wel eens uit sentiment naar kijken?
Were you on Hemicardium in June 1965?