Joined the San Gaspar in Wallsend circa 1961 as 1st trip 5th engineer. She was in dry dock.

Message to Bernard Reynolds.

Sorry to read of your loss. I still remember meeting you both for the first time on the 'Acavus' on the 23 Feb 1983, when I joined the vessel for my first trip in command.
Happy New Year everyone and all th best.
Happy New Year Everyone. I served on Velutina, Naninia, Tenagodus,Tagelus, Nuculana,Velletia, all in the early 1950's as a Deck Apprentice. I am still in touch with two mates, Dave Richardson and Jim Pemberton. I am 80 now, I wonder how many shipmates are still alive. Glyn Howell
Wishing you all a Merry Festive Season and the very best of health and prosperity for 2016. Why not make a New Year resolution and check out the Shell Tankers (UK) Ltd F/B site, nothing to lose but a lot to gain, you will have a great welcome
Merry Christmas shipmates..
IT'S ALL KICKING OFF on the Shell Tankers (UK) Ltd Facebook page. Why don't you come and have a look..??
All the best..

Hello Paul Ayers ,I remember you very well.l think it was on the Aulica.l was 2ndcook/baker.Hope your well.Happy xmas and all the best for 2016.Stewart
I wish you a merry christmass and a happy newyear
and remember the good old days fam pvdende
Merry Christmas shipmates. Don't forget you can also find Shell tankers on Facebook. Just search for Shell Tankers (UK) Ltd on Facebook and request to join. All the best and good luck for 2016....Mick..
Stewart Mulvenna did you sail as chief cook,I think I sailed with you on the Hanetia or Aluco, I think I've got a photo of you in the galley.
SS Helcion SS Vermetus SS Hinea Apprentice Engineer
SS Vermetus one trip as 5th Engineer
SS Hemicardium one trip 4th Engineer
SS Palium one trip 5th Engineer
SS Hadra one trip 3rd Engineer
SS Acavus one trip 2nd Engineer
SS Hemitrochus one trip 2nd Engineer
SS Hydatina one trip 2nd Engineer
SS Haustellum one trip 2nd Engineer
SS Varicella one trip 2nd Engineer
MV Daphnella one trip 2nd Engineer
i was radio officer on the ships
ss rita
ms kaluku
ss mohammed reza shah
ms dorestad
ms cleodora
from may 1957 till november 1961.