Were you on Hemicardium in June 1965?
Hi to all my fellow crew members on MV Amastra 49 years ago. Still remember that night in Nha Trang when Viet Cong tried to do away with us.Still holding on to the anchor chain. Any more out there. Barney.
In 1965 a promotion movie was made by Dutch Shelltankers.
To be seen on YouTube:
It includes shots of the Arca, Acila and Atys are to be seen in different locations.
Pernis, Curacao, Kieler Channel, the Botnic and the Suez Canal.
Enjoy it
Frans Willemse
My father was the 4th engineer on board of the Letecia when she was attacked by the U47 on 27-6-1940. He was one of the persons who were picked up by this German submarine. He sailed during the war for the CSM. After the war he had his career as a successful engineer and died on 16-12-2012 at the age of 95 years.
Hi lads, l sailed on the Megara in 1970, joined in Singapore, did two trips, I'me more of a cargo boat man. All the best to any guys who remember me.
Ahoy shipmates, Shell Tankers (UK) Ltd is on Facebook. Come and join the fun. All the best.
Hello. I am a collector and in search for launching
(floating out) pictures of the Spectrum and Halia.Who was in Korea then and can help me out.
taking a trip down memory lane
Looking for any ship mates who saled on the Verconella durring 1967 1968.

Best Regards Jphn
Hallo,ik ben Bep de Man,en ik heb bij Shell tankers gevaren vanaf
1958 tot 1968 en in die tijd ,zijn er tien schepen voorbij gekomen.
Te weten.
STS Kermia 1958-1959.
STS Krebsia 1960-1961.
MS Abida 1962-1962.
STS Arca 1963-1963.
STS Vasum 1963-1964.
STS Kalydon 1964-1964.
STS Kryptos 1964-1965.
STS Vitrea 1966-1966.
MS Acmaea 1966-1967.
MS Dione 1967-1968.
Dit was mijn loopbaan bij Shell tankers.
In the early 1960's, I was a teenager living on the Oregon Coast near Coos Bay. Our home overlooked the shipping channel. One day the Thorshall lost its steering and struck a dredge in the middle of the harbor. My family witnessed the entire event. Several men drowned and the event was written up and photographed for Life Magazine, I think the magazine was. It was an amazing sight to see, with helicopters making rescues and Coast Guard boats trying to direct fishing boats that were out to help.

Write me if you want to know more.
Joined the San Gaspar in Wallsend circa 1961 as 1st trip 5th engineer. She was in dry dock.