Doe's anybody remember Gordon Edwin Grinton
Hi everyone,
Was a 5th Engineer on HYDATINA 1971/72.
Went back to a shore based engineering career.
Now aged 76(how time flies !)
Retired in 2002 and still living in South Wales.
No regrets about time spent at sea
would be interested to hear from others around in that period
What about my friend 'Micky Martin' who lived near me in Rumney ,Cardiff ?
I served on Amoria(1) out of Singapore in 1968 and am now trying to build a scale model of the ship from scratch. It is beginning to look ok but I would really appreciate help from anyone with some detailed pictures of the ship so that I am able to make it more authentic.
Any help will be appreciated.
I was on various shell tankers but my favourite one was the Amastra
You have seen the ships on this excellent site Helderline, why not catch up with some of your old Shipmates on Facebook. Our site is Shell Tankers (UK) Ltd. More great pics, lots of great stories and banter. You are assured of a big welcome. We are waiting. Brian
Hi, guys, come and join us on Facebook. Shell Tankers (UK) Ltd. Can't wait to see you'. All the best...Mick..
G'day all, I was on SS Hemiplecta 1961 - 1963.
Anyone know where I can find details of the trips around that time?
Many thanks
A great site listing all the ships. My short career with Shell ran from 1960 to 1964, as an deck apprentice and was a period of time that I look back on with great memories.
I would love to hear from anyone who Joe Shell sent on MAR courses, particularly MAR6, which I was on in 1962. Alan Haynes, Mike Dennis,Steve Little Frank Todd etc.
Hello. My father Gerald Mcvey and he was in the merchant navy from around 69 to 71. He sailed on six shell tankers during that time. If anyone knows him please get in touch.
Dear visitors, I was a 5th engineer on the tts "Kaap Hoorn" from 18/01/68 untill 28/12/1968.

Good to see the pictures of the vessel. It was a good time, but also hard working in the tropics with the turbines of the cargopumps!!
Many 5th engineers should know that!
Regards, Gijs.

I want information about attack of PETROBULK RULER in 1988.
thank you

I sailed on shell tanker for about three years great memories
the PLATIDA ashphalt tanker ,the lighting ships the DRUPA and DARINA,the HEMEPLECTA in the far east distant memories