I sailed as a JOS on Shell Tanker "Venassa" Jan. 1961 to Dec 1961. I sailed with Pete Stacy, Alan Lye, Raymond "Lofty" Dack and would be very pleased if I could make contact with any of them. Our Captain's was Nettleship, Matson and Morris.
Yours In Shipping,
Gerard J. (Paddy) Mahony
My Grandfather (William Conbeer) served as 7th engineer on the San Gaspar in 1936. Delighted to find some pictues of his ship here. I found his Seamans record card in the National Archives (Kew).
Ben ondertussen 69 jaar en denk nog(soms steeds vaker) aan mijn varenstijd terug.14 jaar van je leven is toch niet niks.Best naar mijn zin gehad net als na die tijd trouwens.Veel namen komen nog steeds bekend voor sommigen mis ik ook op de lijsten,groeten aan eenieder die zich mijn naam herinnert,tengoede of zoiets,Jasper Hoorn
Dear administration of

your existence is really valued to me, cause you probably I could contact my relation since I was working together with others that we have been working on board on Shell tanker ship's

Thank you very much and very appreciated
Best Regards,
Cornelis Ganur
Chief Engineer MV. Vinca
My father was Jan Westeneng. I believe he sailed on the Vasum in the late 50's - early 60's. I was wondering if there was anyone who knew him or sailed with him. Sadly my father passed away last year. Many thanks
Looking for old shipmates that may have sailed with me during my time with Shell
Good Day to you all,
Like most of you I expect, I was once in the employment of Shell as a Deck Cadet, from 1974 -1978, which was my formative years, where as you could say I was growing up and less than an angel! LOL... and my apologies to any one who sailed with me and had the unfortunate experience to see me at my less than best!
I left Shell in 1978 anyone remember 'Lesley Streeter' anyway my apologies to her for what have been perceived as something personal, whilst it was nothing more than an investigation in to Shell policy, being told I was number 79th in line for promotion! LOL.
To fill you in since I left, I attained the position of Master in 1989 which I held up until 2005 after which I have been that dreaded Vetting Inspector, for various companied including would you believe 'Shell'.
Thats me, anyone who may have sailed with me please free to contact me, please do not use too many expletives! LOL.
Take care, Shell taught me all I know! reflect on that!
Yours respectfully
Deck Cadet and Third Officer in Shell (UK) Ian Kaye
I remember the great food you cooked even after all this time.
Just a short message to say what a great site. Loads of memories of my time with Joe Shell.
To all my former shipmates,Bucko Dave Thomas,Steward Garrick Ernst,Bosun Paddy Wilson hope all are doing well.
Hello, my dad was on the Daphnella as a gunner not sure what sates but he talked about being bombed in Malta harbour on his 18th birthday Sept 14th 1943
He travelled widely, all ports in India, Persia ( Gulf) Burma
Egypt Alexandria
Would be interested to have more information about this vessels whereabouts in the war and anybody who might remember my Dad.
Exellant website Helderline have contacted a few ship mates and shall reply to all who send me email.
Joined shell Tankers UK after leaving GPO Telephones June 1967 for a sea adventure.
Trained as Fireman at Liverpool stayed at Canon street old dock lodgings .
First flew to Roterdam to join Verconella sailed to Gabon Africa on to Amazon
enterance to Porto Meranda then Marocibo and Curaco.
Rerurned For Dry dock in Bremerhaven Germany left the ship .
Rejoined Verconella for 11 month world trip a great adveture met some very good mates enjoyed . Best regards to all John Frearson.