It is with sadness that I have to tell you that my wife Shirley crossed the Bar on the 22nd January. Many of you will have remembered us during the 30yrs I was with Shell. We had many adventures which I have recorded on this site. We met when Shirley was 16 and I was 19, we have 2 children, 5 grand children and 2 great grandchildren. We were married for 51 yrs.
Shell still look after us and the a Shell Pension rep visits us regularly to see if we are OK. What a company to have worked for.
The funeral is at Kings Lynn Crematorium on the 12th Feb.

Rgs Bernard Reynolds
Hi Kees have spoken to Lucy Knight we both sailed on the Alinda in was good reading the fleet news again brought back happy memories so thank you for your help. I enjoy your site keep it going.B.Sayer ex 3rd eng.
How could anyone forget you Steve!!

I am still in (reasonably) regular with Phil Fox and I believe that Robin Cootes (Gook) left the sea and joined the clergy.

Drop me a line as and when you can.

Ik heb nooit gehoord dat je bij mijn vader bent langs geweest. Ik ken veel namen niet van de lijst.
I joined Africa Shell towards the end the the Durban refit for African Coasters in 1973.
Lionel Marker was the master, and Brian Linley the mate (as far as I recall).
Coastal runs on an old school product carrier are hell. I have never worked so hard in my life, but non the less I have memories of it being a happy ship, with no antagonism between deck
and engine departments
Deck cadet 1985 - a great laugh, Singapore to N Australian coast
Hi All

This was my first ever ship in a ten year career with Shell tankers as a navigating officer. I joined in May 1976 as a cadet and spent six months cleaning the decks every morning with my six fellow cadets. I also learnt much about how to use a 'dogs leg' and grit blasters. In the evenings the bosun would teach us how to become Able Bodied Seamen, the first stage of my five year cadet ship.
I joined as a boy, learnt how to drink Tennants beer, play table tennis, and how to become a successful deck officer. So thank you for the great memories Limopsis.

Ahoy....FACEBOOK has a Shell Tanker group. Go to Facebook and search for Shell Tankers (UK) LTD and put in a request to join...great site and there is bound to be someone there you have sailed with. British, Dutch, German and French Shell men/ women are all very welcome...all the best Mick Cardiff..
Great site! My grandfather was on two Shell boats in WW1. He was Chief Engr on the Hestia (Sunk) and JUNO (Damaged by mine)....
Happy new year to all my Indonesian/Dutch mates
Happy new year to all my ex ship mates
Happy new year to all my ex ship mates