captain (commanding officer)

Name Tanker Period Details
Ronald Greig HYRIA 1974 to 1975 my late father was captain
John Holmes 1989 to 1990
John Holmes 1988 to 1989
William Loughlin ACAVUS (1) 1944 to 1946
William Loughlin DESMOULEA 1940 to 1942
Robert Smith 1944 Empire homestead
Piet Cammel ACILA (1) 1984
Capt. William P... PINNA (2)
Owen Cooper my father was captain on the clanity when it was based at bowling on the clyde. i was seperated from him when i was very young, is there anywhere that i could get some information regarding his career, his name was john fleming,regards,owen cooper
Capt Dave Freeman AL GHUWAIRIYA 2016
Jose Jesus Bell... SHELL MARA 1968 to 1976
Roger Stich IPHIGENIA 1957
John P M Cusson LEONIA 1986
John P M Cusson ACHATINA (2) 1983
John P M Cusson LEPETA 1986 to 1987
John P M Cusson PALUDINA (3) 1984
John P M Cusson LEPETA 1987 to 1988
John P M Cusson EBURNA (2) 1984 to 1985
John P M Cusson LAMPAS (2) 1988
John P M Cusson PALUDINA (3) 1982
John P M Cusson ERODONA (2) 1985
John P M Cusson DONAX (3) 1982 to 1983
P. Bloem CARLOTA 1934 to 1948
John Jack Morrison MYSIA My dad was either a mate or captain
John Jack Morrison VELUTINA My dad was either a mate or captain
William Baverstock 1960 to 1987 my grandfather
G.j. Kohler MAGDALA (1) my uncle was captain
Wouter Kalkman METULA (2) 1975
William Baverstock 1960 to 1987 my grandfather
Hilde Willicome MALVINA 1932 to 1960 my grandfather was ai 'thart and was captain/commander.
Richard Mellor GALEOMMA (2)
Carol Bradshaw 1965 My father, Carden Bradshaw, immediately succeeded Capt. Henderson as captian until he retired - not sure what date that was.
Melief Martinus... CLAVELLA my grandfather
R Dobbenga MAMURA mijn opa was kaptein op de Mamura to het schip verging
Robert Birdsall AMASTRA (1) 1939 to 1940 Not me father of a friend
Robert Birdsall 1941 to 1942 My father was captain 1941
Zenon Dsouza LNG RIVERS 2009
Charles H. Beldon 1944 to 1945
John Tucker Roberts HELIX (1) my grandfather
John Tucker Roberts ANADARA (1) 1935 my grandfather
S. Harmenzon 1951
Barbara Edmonds My father Fred Beckett was, I understand, the first skipper of this vessel.
Dick Vermeulen NISO (2)
Hans Van Kesteren HASTULA (2) 1994 to 1995
Hans Van Kesteren STELLATA 1987 to 1988
Anonymous GARI (1) 1947 to 1954
Robert Holiday BU SAMRA 2009 to 2010
J.e.w. Smith 1954 to 1956
John Llewellyn ... NAYADIS I have photos of her in dry dock. I think she is being broken up. My father and another unknown gentleman are photographed on her. I would like to know if anyone knows them. My father was a radio operator during the Second World War. He sailed on Empire B
Sjoek Abma 1985