deck cadet

Name Tanker Period Details
Mark longley LAMPAS (2) 1979 to 1980
johnreid ALINDA 1977 My 1st trip
Joe Collins HAMINELLA 1976 Joined in Dublin in Apr 76. Stanlow, Rotterdam and then ship ordered to Vinaros (Spain) for scrapping.
Joe Collins HADRA (1) 1974 Joined Curaco in Apr 74. Interesting voyage later in the trip to Batumi (Georgia) whilst still part of USSR. Paid off in Antwerp in Oct 74.
Joe Collins LATIA (2) 1975 Joined Methil Roads (Firth of Forth) in Jun 75 - paid off in Milazzo (Sicily) in late Aug 75 to go back to Plymouth to start Phase 3
Joe Collins OPALIA (2) 1974 to 1975 Joined Hamburg in Nov 74 after conversion to Cadet Training Ship. Paid off in Point Fortin (Trinidad) in Apr 75.
Joe Collins PLATIDIA 1973 Joined and left in Curacao. Round trip to West Africa before going back to start Phase 1 at Plymouth School of Maritime Studies in Sep 73
Joe Collins ZENATIA (1) 1972 to 1973 My very first trip - joined Rotterdam on 04 Dec 72. Captain Charles Skelton. Paid off in Fredericia, Denmark on 08 May 73
Alvin Say ISOCARDIA (2) 1996 My 1st Trip, I was one of the first filipino cadets in Shell. Sailed with Capt. Peter Bowden
Stephen Foster ETREMA (2) 1980 Last trip before 2nd Mates
Tom Forrest VERMETUS 1972 Joined Bonny .First time in west africa.
Tom Forrest HELISOMA 1971 1st trip at sea, joined in Shellhaven . March.
John D A Scallan VALVATA 1972 Just three months on her
Alan Hill VELUTINA 1970
Alan Hill HYDATINA 1969 to 1970
Alan Hill HEMIFUSUS 1968
kevinkstephenso... OPALIA (2) 1977 to 1978
kevinkstephenso... FICUS (2) 1977
kevinkstephenso... LOTORIUM (2) 1976
kevinkstephenso... ACHATINA (2) 1975 1st trip
kevinkstephenso... MENA 1978 Last trip cadet
AYMAN TENAGA LIMA 2008 Inception of my Sea Career
Steve Sherwood ASPRELLA (1) 1976
Ryan Whitaker ISOMERIA (2) 1996
Ryan Whitaker EBURNA (2) 1997
Chris Wilkinson ACAVUS (2) 1979 This trip included West Africa followed by Canada, memorable
Chris Wilkinson OPALIA (2) 1977 to 1978 This trip included New York November 1977
Chris Wilkinson LAMPAS (2) 1977 My 1st trip April till August 1977
Chris Wilkinson GEOMITRA (2) 1979
Michael Ashcroft HINNITES 1970 to 1971 1st trip. Joined in Curacao after a 2 week induction course at Plymouth Maritime School. Left her 6 months later in Singapore
Michael Ashcroft VERCONELLA 1972 Joined the ship whilst in dry dock in Hamburg. Last trip. Still don't know why I left the MN then, but I guess when you're young you make impulsive decisions, thats life!
Michael Ashcroft HELISOMA 1972
Ryan Bowes ONOBA (4) 2012
Mike Nicholson METHANE PRINCESS (1) 1979 My first trip, fastnet yach race, people smuggling whores onboard, transvestite stewards. A shock to the system.
Mike Nicholson ETREMA (2) 1983 Last trip with Shell. 3rd mate for 3 weeks.
Mike Nicholson LEMBULUS (2) 1981 Same time as Sean Hurley, ship was falling to bits. Cracks in every beam knee.
Mike Nicholson TRICULA (2) 1982 Joined in Richards Bay, start of Maiden loaded voyage if I remember
Mike Nicholson OPALIA (2) 1979 to 1981 Hated it both times. So much BS
Steve Sherwood HARPULA 1975 My first trip, as a 16-year old. Last deck cadet aboard, used to do all the tank cleaning then have all the ports off. There was one engineering cadet left too, Ceri Wilding.
Rick Davies MANTUA 1972 1st trip to sea
Steven Rodrigues 2017 to 2018
John Paul A. De... OPALIA (3) 2001 to 2002
Trevor Harris ANADARA (2) 1974
Trevor Harris OPALIA (2) 1976
Ryan Whitaker LAMPAS (2) 1995 to 1996
Philip Stead OPALIA (2) 1980
Andysmith LIPARUS (2) 1978
Dr Capt Manivannan TENAGA LIMA 1991
John Holmes OPALIA (2) 1976
Mark Williams NATICINA (2) 1980