Name Tanker Period Details
Han Messie
David William T... HEMIMACTRA 1965 not crew
Lawrence West EDWARD STEVINSON 1975 2nd mate's son
Ernest Cane EDWARD STEVINSON 1971 to 1974 captain's son
Tom Hepworth SAN VULFRANO 1947 to 1948 6 year old passenger. Best friends with Richard (steward)
Johan Gelderloos 1985 Geologist
Jan Foeke Roukema APOLLONIA 1933 to 1937 many times on board as a kid
Douglas M.C. Renton ORTINA SHELL 1938 Son of o.i.c (aged 4yrs)
Mathieu Op Den Oordt CINULIA 1960 Terugreis van Willemstad naar Rotterdam
Edith Van Montf... ONOBA (2) 1967 to 1968
James B. Simms HEMIPLECTA 1959 visitor, Pulau Sambe Malaya, 1st Cheshire regt
Rodney Henderson 1960 to 1965 My father was the first captain of the Emerillon but i only visited the ship once
Karin Rifaut VOLVULA 1969 to 1973 Wife of chief officer Guy Rifaut
Ian Westworth HYDATINA 1958
Tom Nguyen EBALINA 1980 vietnamese refugee rescued by crew Ebalina.
Kees Helder MYRINA (2) 2003
Sheila Bore TANEA (1) 1958 to 1959 Accompanying husband (Jack Bore)
Janet Taylor LYRIA (2) 1984 wife to laurence taylor engineer
Irene Fell Holland CISTULA 1947