Charter for 12 LR2 dual-fuel tankers.

China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) has won a deal for the construction of twelve dual-fuel tankers. Shell Tankers Singapore will charter the 120,000-ton dual fuel LR2 tankers for seven years following their delivery in 2023. The ships will be built by Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding and by Guangzhou Shipbuilding International.

Guangzhou 110003- Imo 9923401 PROTEUS HARVONNE
Guangzhou 110005- Imo 9923413 PROTEUS SINEAD
Guangzhou 110006- Imo 9923425 PROTEUS PHILIPPA
Guanghzou 110007- Imo 9923437 PROTEUS BOHEMIA
Guangzhou 110008- Imo 9923449 PROTEUS TRACY
Guangzhou 110009- Imo 9923451 PROTEUS ELSIE
Guangzhou 110010- Imo 9923463 PROTEUS INGRID
Guanghzou 110011- Imo 9923475 PROTEUS RONG NA

Shanghai Waigaoqiao 1536- Imo 9914668 PROTEUS JESSICA
Shanghai Waigaoqiao 1537- Imo 9914670 PROTEUS IWONA
Shanghai Waigaoqiao 1538- Imo 9914682 PROTEUS REBECCA
Shanghai Waigaoqiao 1539- Imo 9914694 PROTEUS STEPHANIE