Name Job Tanker Period Details
Georgie 4th engineer TENAGA TIGA 1984 Onboard coming out of lay-up from Stavanger
pmg apprentice engineer LEPTON (2) 1980 2nd trip, 6-1/2 months, drydock Singapore 6 weeks, on board R'dam - from board R'dam
David Treasure deck apprentice NEVERITA (1) 1953 to 1954 1st trip,
RijnZwaal engineer DILOMA (2) 1967 Leerling & assistent
Tony Hogan 1R/O DRUPA (2) 1972 3 weeks and transferred to Mytilus
Tony Hogan 1R/O MYTILUS (2) 1972
Tony Hogan R/O VITTA 1968
Tony Hogan R/O VERCONELLA 1967
Tony Hogan 1R/O DAPHNELLA (2) 1969 Good vibrations!!!
Tony Hogan R/O HEMIMACTRA 1970 only 14 days and happy to leave
Tony Hogan 1R/O MEDORA 1971 to 1972
Tony Hogan 1R/O MYTILUS (2) 1970 to 1971 also May to Nov 1972
Tony Hogan 2R/O KAYESON 1965
Geoffirish engineer cadet VENASSA (1) 1975 Third and last trip with Shell, loved this ship
Geoffirish 2nd trip Marine Engineer Cadet VALVATA 1975 Second trip, hated it, almost jumped ship in Petit Coronne
Geoffirish engineer cadet HADRIANIA 1974 My first trip as an apprentice, phase 2, joined in Williamstad and paid off in Sept Isles
BryanJ Engineer apprentice ZENATIA (1) 1971 First ever trip after Southshields phase1
Keith Bush J.O.S PALLIUM 1975 to 1976 Joined in dry dock Lisbon 1975 voyage completed in Curacao 1976, great ship, great crew, lovely memories.
BikerH Royal Navy dems rating (gunner) ARTEMIS 1945 This was one of the ships my grandfather sailed on during WW2 as a DEMS gunner.
Ad Melis 4e stuurman SUNETTA (1) 1961
Ad Melis 4e stuurman ZAFRA (1) 1962
Clive Eich Second Officer and Chief Officer STONEGATE 1978
Harry R. Muijsson 3th Engineer VITREA 1982 to 1983
Harry R. Muijsson 3th Engineer MARINULA (2) 1977
Harry R. Muijsson 3th Engineer DIONE (2) 1974