Name Job Tanker Period Details
Robert Collette 3e scheepswerktuigbouwkundige (swtk) Acteon 1979
Robert Collette 4e scheepswerktuigbouwkundige (swtk) Diadema 1978
Robert Collette 4e scheepswerktuigbouwkundige (swtk) Vlieland 1976
John Hudson Fifth Engineer Megara (2) 1974
John Hudson Fifth Engineer Haustrum (1) 1972 to 1973
John Hudson Fifth Engineer Hastula (1) 1973
PJM 5th engineer Hemiglypta 1975 Joined this ship in UAE went to dry dock in Singapore with her, joined a rust bucket but left a fine looking ship. She was only two years older than me
PJM 5th engineer Marticia 1975
Peter Ros 4e stuurman / 4e werktuigkundige Ficus (2) 1980
Peter Ros apprentice sgo Fusus (2) 1979 to 1980
Harro Sterrenburg 5th engineer Kylix 1970
Harro Sterrenburg apprentice engineer/assistent engineer Kalydon 1970 My last six months as apprentice engineer
Harro Sterrenburg apprentice engineer Diloma (2) 1969 My first ship as apprentice.
Phil Holt 5th engineer Ficus (2) 1978 Brilliant final trip before coming ashore - world cruise
Phil Holt 5th engineer Mena 1977 First Trip as 5th Engineer
Phil Holt Eng Cadet Lampas (2) 1976 First and last trip on a Steam Ship -
David Hoath 4th engineer Drupa (2) 1991
Robert Collette 4e scheepswerktuigbouwkundige (swtk) Abida 1975
Lou Powderly 1st radio officer Hanetia 1966 to 1967
Lou Powderly 1st radio officer Holospira 1965 to 1966
Lou Powderly 1st radio officer Vexilla 1964 to 1965
Lou Powderly 1st radio officer Hinnites 1964
Lou Powderly Jr Radio Officer San Gregorio (2) 1962 to 1963 First trip with Maurice Prior as senior
wilka 3rd. Mate Helisoma 1965
Alan Pringle apprentice officer age 15 Cowrie (2) 1941 First and only trip from Curaco, New York and UK