Name Job Tanker Period Details
Colin Waddell engineer cadet Serenia 1981
Colin Waddell Engineer Cader Mena 1980 to 1981
Dave Atkinson radio officer Halia (1) 1969 Sailed on her when she was a conventional tanker and again during and after when converted for lightering
PatrickdeJong sgo (semi geïntegreerd officier) Solaris (1) 1989
PatrickdeJong stagiaire Fulgur (2) 1983 2e reis als leerling stuurman
PatrickdeJong stagiaire sgo Fossarina (3) 1985 Stage voor HTS-plus als leerling WTK
PatrickdeJong stagiaire Ondina (2) 1982 1e reis als leerling stuurman
20farrar 5th engineer Mactra (1) 1941
John McDonald junior engineer Valvata 1967 1st trip Tilburg to Scaramanger
Richard McLare Engineering Cadet Erinna (2) 1984 2nd trip
Richard McLare Engineering Cadet Limopsis 1983 1st trip
Rolf 2e stuurman (2nd officer/mate) Caprella (3) 1975 to 1976
Rolf 2e stuurman (2nd officer/mate) Caperata 1975
Rolf 2e stuurman (2nd officer/mate) Lagena 1976 to 1977
Kim Hawkings 5th Engineer and acting 4th Engineer Horomya 1973
Walter Second Officer LNG Adamawa 2017
David Beeston Extra Second Engineer Lepeta 1981 Undertaking fuel efficiency trials Singapore to Gulf
Mike Dobison 5th Hemifusus 1965 to 1966 First trip joined palmers drydock Tyneside paid off Avonmouth 10 month trip great times
Guus geluk matroos Acmaea 1962 to 1963 mooie reis
Alan Platt 5th engineer Hemiglypta 1972
Rick Davies deck cadet Mantua 1972 1st trip to sea
Dudley Benfield catering Cerinthus 1964 Cant remember much about the trip, mid 60s thats all.
Jon Welford 3rd mate Lembulus (2) 1976
Jon Welford 3rd mate Linga (2) 1977
Ruud Romijn 3de werktuigkundige Zafra (1) 1985 Laatste reis - zeevaartloopbaan beëindigd op 22 september 1985