Name Job Tanker Period Details
Falconer 1948 Sailor? Amoria (1) 1963 Alexander mackay Last trip due to him dying, San lorentz, 1963.. Any info about him, anyone. He was my grandfather
Brian Crew 3rd engineer Hinnites 1976 Took her to Inchon for scrap
Brian Crew 3rd engineer Hinnites 1976 Took her to Inchon for scrap
Alan Judge 4th engineer Naticina (2) 1987
Alan Judge 5th engineer Northia (2) 1987
Alan Judge 4th engineer Norrisia (2) 1987 to 1988
Alan Judge engine cadet Litiopa (2) 1981 to 1982 1st trip cadet
Alan Judge 5th engineer Leonia 1988 Last trip ever on tankers. Cableships next.
Alan Judge engine cadet Mena 1982 2nd trip cadet
Keith Ideson 5th engineer Megara (2) 1976
Keith Ideson 5th engineer Halia (1) 1975
Keith Ideson 5th engineer Opalia (2) 1975
Keith Ideson 5th engineer Pallium 1974
Keith Ideson engineer cadet Vitrina 1972 to 1973
Keith Ideson engineer cadet Asprella (1) 1973
Glyn Winskill 5th engineer Latia (2) 1976
Robert Kopstad mechanical engineer Fjordshell 1994 to 2002
Kenneth Harding 5th engineer Hyria 1964 to 1965
Bob Billett radio officer Amastra (2) 1974 to 1975
Nitin Suthar 4th engineer Lubara 2017
Nitin Suthar 4th engineer Umm Laqhab 2016
Henry Dawson Lowery 5th engineer Nassarius 1945 to 1946 My father served as 5th engineer on The Nassarius
George Mcarthur 4th engineer Shell Quest 1952 to 1956
Martin Mac Mac Mahon 3rd officer Bebatik 1993 to 1995
Keith Sell able seaman (grade 1) Hemisinus 1968 to 1969