Name Job Tanker Period Details
Carol Dooley Second Officer MEGARA (3) 1998
Carol Dooley Second Officer ACILA (2) 1999 Operating around West Coast of Africa
Carol Dooley chief officer GALEA 2003
Carol Dooley chief officer NORTHWEST SEAEAGLE 2002 Also sailed as Second Officer/Mate
Carol Dooley 2e stuurman (2nd officer/mate) SOLARIS (1) 1997
Carol Dooley master ABADI 2004
Carol Dooley master GALLINA 2004 to 2005 Last trip at sea was on Gallina
Malcolm Francis E.D.H HIMA 1964 to 1965 I joined the Hima in Cardif in July 1964 and paying off in Cardif in June 1965, I enjoyed my time on the Hima.
Garry Crawford ordinary seaman PALOMA HILLS 1956 19 April 1956 Portland Mn to Porta la Cruz Venaszuala
Kees Mosterd leerling stuurman (apprentice officer/mate) ACTEON 1983 to 1984 My first real seagoing experience, to Seychelles, Iles de la Reunion, Mombasa, Mediterranean and Persian Gulf
Wim Mourits apprentice engineer DOSINA (3) 1975 My first trip for STBV , 2x Nigeria , Bonny and Forcados , to Rotterdam and Hamburg
David Coldwell apprentice deck officer VITRINA 1960 Ist Trip
Don Weston radio officer DONACILLA (2) 1966 Joined at the builders yard in Sunderland November '66 and left at Tilbury July '67. Awful vibration when light ship.
Don Weston radio officer MEGARA (2) 1968 Joined in January at Mitsubishi's yard in Nagasaki and left in Rotterdam at the end of July.
Scholte superintendent engineer ENTALINA 1992 Had vessel in Hitachi Zosen Shipyard Singapore) for Special Survey
Scholte 3rd engineer KORENIA 1971
Simon Cotterrell 4th engineer METHANE PRINCESS (1) 1974
Simon Cotterrell 4th engineer SERENIA 1972
Simon Cotterrell 4th engineer ARIANTA (1) 1973
Simon Cotterrell 5th engineer VALVATA 1971 to 1972
Simon Cotterrell 5th engineer HOROMYA 1970 to 1971 My first ship aged 20
Tom Forrest third officer VOLVATELLA 1975 Joined her in Noumea on her last trip to scrap in Tadomotsu Japan.
Tom Forrest deck cadet VERMETUS 1972 Joined Bonny .First time in west africa.
Tom Forrest deck cadet HELISOMA 1971 1st trip at sea, joined in Shellhaven . March.
Gerard Spijkerman waarnemend 3e scheepswerktuigbouwkundige (swtk) FELIPES (3) 1982 laatste schip, bij de NAM offshore gaan werken