Name Job Tanker Period Details
Nicholas Slater Fifth Engineer LEONIA 1982
Steve Sherwood 4th officer LATIRUS (2) 1979 Had passed exams for 2nd Mate FG but not old enough to hold it. Shell promoted to me to 4/0. Joined in Rotterdam. Left for the Gulf, into the English Channel then Capt Skelton left me to it - 'any problems call me'. Dave Rayfield was C/O, both excellent
Steve Sherwood deck cadet ASPRELLA (1) 1976
Steve Sherwood 3rd officer VEGA SEAL 1979
Jack Beaumont 2nd mate ZENATIA (1) 1965
Jack Beaumont 2nd mate SOLEN (2) 1964 to 1965
Jack Beaumont 2nd mate SAN FORTUNATO 1963
Jack Beaumont 2nd mate HANETIA 1961 to 1962
Jack Beaumont 2nd mate NORTHIA (1) 1960
Jack Beaumont 2nd mate NICANIA 1959 to 1960
Jack Beaumont 3rd mate VELUTINA 1957 to 1958
Jack Beaumont 3rd mate DILOMA (1) 1956 to 1957
Jack Beaumont 3rd mate NINELLA 1955
Jack Beaumont deck apprentice NERITOPSIS 1955
Jack Beaumont deck apprentice FLAMMULINA (1) 1954 to 1955
Jack Beaumont deck apprentice NEAERA 1952 to 1954
Jack Beaumont master AXINA 1976
Jack Beaumont master ALUCO 1976
Jack Beaumont 2nd mate ALUCO 1960 to 1961
Graham Wright Fourth Engineer LATIA (2) 1979 Paid off Le Verdon when ship handed over to Dutch Shell
Graham Wright Fourth Engineer LABIOSA (2) 1980
Graham Wright Fourth Engineer GASTRANA (2) 1979
Graham Wright Fourth Engineer LYRIA (2) 1978 1st trip 4/E
Graham Wright Fourth Engineer LEPETA 1981 Last trip at sea
Graham Wright Fifth Engineer LEPETA 1977 to 1978