Name Job Tanker Period Details
Michael Ashcroft deck cadet VERCONELLA 1972 Joined the ship whilst in dry dock in Hamburg. Last trip. Still don't know why I left the MN then, but I guess when you're young you make impulsive decisions, thats life!
Michael Ashcroft deck cadet HELISOMA 1972
Michael Ashcroft deck cadet HINNITES 1970 to 1971 1st trip. Joined in Curacao after a 2 week induction course at Plymouth Maritime School. Left her 6 months later in Singapore
Philip G Challans Deck Boy/EDH AULICA 1962 to 1963 Joined 19/9/62 at Rotterdam paid off at Birkenhead 11/12/63
Alan Harbinson catering boy/messman HYALA 1972 Joined in Belfast, after Refit,ie H&W
Tony Murphy Navigation Officer Apprentice ASPRELLA (1) 1964 Sailed to Venezuela, Trinidad back to Rotterdam (Vlardingen) at that time went as Tony (Spud) Murphy, my co driver was Roger (Fuzz) Foster.
Ricky Baird Jnr R/O ZENATIA (1) 1973 My 1st trip at sea. Joined in GOTHENBURG Feb'73 & paid off in Rotterdam July'73.
Robert Jakob Moeke navigation officer (2nd mate) FUSUS (2) 1980
Paul Kirkland 5/E LEPETA 1984
Robert Downie assistant steward PALLIUM 1982 My very best trip i had ......paid off one day before she hit the beach in Karachi ..still have pic i took as we left on little boat
Robert Downie catering boy LIMATULA (2) 1977 1st trip joined in Brunai where she was laid up my first job move oars from lifeboats in cross alleyway out to the deck. In doing so i destrubed a nest of cockroaches i never seen one before let alone hundreds if not thousands of them.
Keith D Ellison... G1 Seaman HALIA (1) 1977 Hated this trip transferred toSS Lampas
Keith D Ellison... grade 1 seaman MEGARA (2) 1975 Sailed Back to Back trips on Her
Keith D Ellison... JOS Junior Ordinary Seaman AXINA 1972 Ist Shell Tanker
Keith D Ellison... JOS Junior Ordinary Seaman HYRIA 1974 to 1975 Visiting Vietnam during the War
Keith D Ellison... gp 1 seaman LANISTES 1975 to 1976 Awesome time sailed Back to Back trips
Keith D Ellison... G P 1 Seaman LAMPAS (2) 1977 Last Trip to Sea
Jacques Turcotte junior ordinary seaman, senior ordinary seaman RINCON HILLS 1958 to 1960 Hoboken New Jersey U"S"A"
Peter R Walker chief engineer LNG BONNY 1990 reactivated in Wilamshaven
Brian Langsdale Petty Officer (ERS) VERCONELLA 1967 Signed on a Engine Room Rating (Fireman) promoted PO in March
Toine Janssen 4e scheepswerktuigbouwkundige (swtk) ACTEON 1977 to 1978 My last trip, my wife pregnant from our first boy.. heading for a very succesfull carrier in plastics industry
Toine Janssen 4e scheepswerktuigbouwkundige (swtk) VLIELAND 1977
Toine Janssen 4e scheepswerktuigbouwkundige (swtk) ARCA (2) 1976 to 1977
Toine Janssen 4e scheepswerktuigbouwkundige (swtk) MITRA (3) 1974
Toine Janssen 5e scheepswerktuigbouwkundige (swtk) ACMAEA 1974 to 1975