Name Job Tanker Period Details
Jack Beaumont master ERINNA (2) 1977 to 1978
CornelisHaas third mate / derde stuurman ACILA (1) 1960
Rick Suter ass/std LEPETA 1981 to 1982
Rick Suter catering boy/galley boy ACHATINA (2) 1981
DanielBrown sg1a RAPANA (2) 1981
DanielBrown able seaman SHELL SUPPLIER (2) 1988
DanielBrown gp 1 NORTHIA (2) 1981 to 1982
DanielBrown jos POMELLA (2) 1979
DanielBrown able seaman ACHATINA (2) 1983 to 1984
DanielBrown able seaman ACAVUS (2) 1983
DanielBrown able seaman AULICA 1982
Geoff Reed third officer ETREMA (2) 1980 From June to October
Deena Naidoo MECHANICAL MAINTENANCE FITTER (Apprentice) DURBAN SERVICER 1983 Spent six months between the SAPREF workshop In Island View and the Durban Servicer conducting routine mechanical maintenance under the mentorship of Mr. Carel Potgieter, truly a mechanical genius of our time. The workshop foreman was Mr. Carl Kruger.
AYMAN deck cadet TENAGA LIMA 2008 Inception of my Sea Career
Jim Gisborn catering boy/galley boy HALIA (1) 1969 to 1970 First trip
Jim Gisborn galley boy HALIA (1) 1969 to 1970 First trip
Steve Palmer 4th engineer LIMA (2) 1995
Steve Palmer engineer cadet BELAIS 1990 to 1991 Promoted to 5th engineer on board.
Steve Palmer 5th engineer LEPETA 1991
Steve Palmer 4th engineer FSU BANIO 1993
Steve Palmer 4th engineer LNG FINIMA 1992
Steve Palmer engineer cadet EBALINA 1989 First trip
Patrick Ralph catering boy ALINDA 1972 First trip
Patrick Ralph Asst Steward LINGA (2) 1975
stamatiouandreas Chief Officer (my father) OPALIA (1) 1948 to 1955 My father Capt Emmanuel Stamatiou sailed on the Opalia in the Gulf of Suez in the late 40's-mid 50's; His last assignments were as Chief Officer. When he got this Master's degree, he joined the Suez Canal Authority as a Pilot in Port Tewfik