Al Mafyar


Completed 2009 as Al Mafyar for Nakilat Qatar Gas Transport. Capacity 266.000 cubic metres of LNG. 2009-2017 operated by STASCo. Management taken over by Nakilat Shipping on 15-8-2017.

IMO number
Call sign
Construction number
163.922 ton
Length overall
Year of construction
Service for Shell
2009 to 2017
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Date Visitor Anecdote
09/16/2012 - 19:24 Denis Jerman

LNG AL MAFYAR - Assisting 12 Persons in Distress 42 NM off Arzew - 12.09.2012.

The details are as follows:

While passing off Algerian coast at 15:10 LT (GMT +2) OOW spotted a small boat with numerous person inside frantically waving for help.
Position: Mediterranean Sea, Lat 36A?33.3'N LONG 000A?00.5'E (BRG 010A? x 42 NM from port Arzew breakwater light). Vessel turned around at 15:28 LT to investigate and assist. As we were approaching the scene of the small boat the AL Mafyar crew was already standing by and preparing the rescue boat and associated gear together with food and drinking water.

At 16:18 LT vessel was dead in the water 0.3 NM from the boat. The persons in the boat were still waving with various coloured T-shirts. Twelve persons were observed, of which two were laying down sick. The boat was heavily overloaded with a very small freeboard approx. 12cm. It was a small plastic boat of approx. 7-8 m length, white-open hull, blue inside with an outboard motor. The were asking for help and indicating at the two persons who were sick. None of them spoke English.
A number of big fuel/water canisters were seen on board.

At 16:22 LT the small boat approached to our vessel stern. Copious amount of drinking water/food was handed down and immediately consumed. Although the communication was difficult we had understood that they were Syrian refuges attempting to reach Algeria but become lost.

At 16:30 LT phone call was made to "MRCC Algiers" to report persons in need of assistance 42 NM off port of Arzew. At 16:50 LT "MRCC Falmouth" called and requested to assist in liaising with "MRCC Algiers" due to communications troubles.

We determined that we would be unable to safely recover the people from the boat due to the size of our vessel (12 m freeboard).

Vessel remained on the scene until rescue arrived at 19:13 LT. It was a large military/Coast-Guard vessel, and at the same time we were granted permission to proceed on passage.

At 19:20 LT AL Mafyar departed. At 19:25 LT we observed persons being lifted by Algerian Coast-Guard. A helicopter arrived on the scene shortly afterwards.

At 19:28 LT "MRCC Algiers" phoned AL Mafyar to offer thanks for assistance and to confirm permission to proceed.

Capt. Denis Jerman


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