Completed 1966 as "DRUPA" for STUK. 1968 fitted with fenders and began work as lightening tanker around UK. 1975 converted for North Sea work from Brent oilfield. She discharged her last cargo at Tranmere on the Mersey in March1993, and after tank-cleaning , sailed from Tranmere on 20.3.1993. Arrived at Alang and was beached on 23.4.1993.

IMO number
Call sign
Construction number
71.917 ton
Length overall
Year of construction
Year of renaming/broken up
Service for Shell
1966 to 1993
Flag state
Home port



Name Job Period Details
David Lester 4th engineer 1965 to 1966
David Else 2nd engineer 1965 to 1966
Vic Hubbert 3rd mate 1966
Arnold Dunlop radio officer 1966 to 1968
Lee Sheung Hung grade 1 seaman 1966 to 1967
Terry Hatton deck apprentice 1966 to 1967
Mikekilmartin radio officer 1967 to 1968
Mike Gray deck apprentice 1967 to 1968
David Rayfield 2nd mate 1967
Richard Stanley... able seaman (grade 1) 1967 to 1968
Michael Davis radio officer 1967
Stewart Mccormick 2nd mate 1968 to 1969
Peter Matthews 3rd engineer 1968
Peter Mcdonald pantryboy 1968
Lou Powderly radio officer 1968
Robert Gill gp 1 rating 1968
Ian Stretton Walker extra chief officer 1968
Jack Beaumont chief officer 1968 to 1969
John Andy Turner chief petty officer 1968 to 1969
Owen Smith able seaman 1968
Stan Parker 2nd cook and baker 1969 to 1970
Donald Travis 2nd officer 1969
John Warman 4th engineer 1969 to 1970
James W. Crosby po mechanic 1969
Graham G Baker catering boy 1969 to 1970
David Wilson 2nd cook 1969
Willie Carle 3rd engineer 1969 to 1970
Phillip Tickle gp 1 seaman 1970 to 1971
Fred Ravenscroft chef kok 1970
Steve Cook steward 1970
Anthony Powles gp 1 1970 to 1971
Brian E. Foster 2nd mate 1970
Robert Plumb able seaman (grade 3) 1970
John P M Cusson chief officer 1970 to 1973 lightening
Noel Anthony Ra... chief mate 1971
Brian Graham 2nd engineer 1971
Andy Crooke 3rd engineer 1972
Tony Hogan 1R/O 1972 3 weeks and transferred to Mytilus
Gordon Kent 2nd mate 1972
Christopher Lustig crew messman 1972
Michael Battrick 2nd mate 1972
Peter Gill 2nd mate 1973
Christopher Strug gp 1 1973 to 1974
Hessel Slot 2nd mate 1973 to 1974
Peter Andrew Chapman assistant steward 1973 to 1974
Pat Lyon grade 1 seaman 1973
Geoffrey Forster 2 steward 1973 to 1990 a/s 2nd stwd ck/stwd
Peter Andrew Chapman catering boy 1973
Raymond Laws 2nd cook and baker 1973
Steven Watson catering boy/galley boy 1973
Jack Beaumont chief officer 1974
Rob Heatley catering boy/galley boy 1974
Jim Wylie deck cadet 1974
Richard Entwistle 3rd engineer 1974
Martin Kenny chief officer 1974 to 1977 2nd mate then chief officer
Chris Spencer 2nd mate 1974
Lyndon R Davies saloon steward 1975 ass/stwd cabin
Peter John Eastick 2nd cook 1975
Neil Simpson 2nd mate 1975
Greg Hoare 3rd engineer 1975 to 1978
Des Brookes chief cook 1975 to 1976
John Rose 2nd mate 1976 to 1980
Richard Entwistle 3rd engineer 1976
BillGlew 5th engineer 1976 joined in Hamburg in early 76 for the 3 months (?) of tamk cleaning and drydock repairs after it had grounded in Stavanger. Stayed on until summer doing lightening operations into Tranmere
Bill Holt boatswain (bosun/petty officer) 1976 to 1974 petty officer/ deck
Mike Ewart 2nd engineer 1976
Peter G. Furmston radio officer 1976
Alasdair Maclean 5th engineer 1976
William Park deck cadet 1976 to 1977
Stuart Jobson 5th engineer 1976 to 1977
Mark Hopton gp 3 1976
Michael Hunt assistant steward 1976 to 1977
Steve Kent 5th engineer 1976
Michael Keddy able seaman (grade 1) 1976 to 1978
Phil Maciver radio officer 1976
Tony Ripper cadet 1976
Geoff Donnelly 2nd mate 1977
David Bailey efficient deckhand 1977
Malcolm Freeman assistant steward 1977 to 1978
Peter Davidson 3rd mate 1977
Mike Big Taff H... po mechanic 1977 to 1985 g3/g1/po
Mark Hopton gp 3 1977
Roger Chapman radio officer 1977
Don Shanahan catering boy 1977
Mike Glaiser able seaman (grade 1) 1977 to 1978
Hugh Cromie 2nd mate 1977 to 1978
Alan Burns radio officer 1977
Keith Bonney 5th engineer 1978
Garry Marshall assistant steward 1978
Ken Cribb 4th engineer 1978
Christopher Pen... able seaman 1978 to 1979 s.o.r/able seaman
Ted Martin 2nd radio officer 1978
Steve Roberts 3rd engineer 1978
Sean Marsh grade 1 seaman 1978 to 1979
Arthur Davidson able seaman (grade 1) 1978
Ian Jones Taffy edh (gp1) 1978 to 1979
Derek J. McReynolds assistant steward 1978 to 1979
Colin Butler gp 3 1978 to 1979
John Holt 5th engineer 1978 to 1979
Mark Adams deck cadet 1978
Stephen Kettley gp 1 1979 to 1986
Robin Bailey able seaman (grade 1) 1979
Peter B. Pamment chief officer 1979
John Arnott 3rd officer 1979
Anthony Fozzy H... able seaman (grade 1) 1979
Bryan Marshall Hips able seaman (grade 1) 1979
Brian Dean able seaman (grade 1) 1979
David Nesom chief steward 1979
Adrian Huntley able seaman (grade 2) 1979
Gary Black steward/messman 1980
Gary Flux gp 2 1980 to 1981
Mike Kenny deck cadet 1980
Mike Brown catering offficer 1980
Arthur Davidson able seaman (grade 1) 1980
Gerry Healy assistant steward 1980
Colin Osman extra 3rd engineer 1980
John Holmes 3rd officer 1980
Mark Pond able seaman 1980 to 1984
Ian Rowlands 2nd cook 1980
Pete Clementson radio officer 1980
Gavin Wilson able seaman (grade 2) 1980
John Holt engineer 1981
Gordon Robertson 2nd engineer 1981 to 1983
Gordon Wright deck cadet 1981
Gary Pattinson gp 1 1981 to 1982
Nigel Lehmann-taylor 3rd mate 1981
Alasdair Maclean 3rd engineer 1981
Paul Oldnall grade 1 seaman 1981
Jim Ellis cadet 1981
Adthisaya Denni... engineer cadet 1981 to 1982
Peter Copeland 2nd mate 1981
David Nesom catering offficer 1981 to 1982
Billy Ogilby gp 1 1981 to 1982
Tony K Lewis 2nd cook and baker 1981
Andy Bowling deck cadet 1981
Tony Gouldbourne Cpo chief petty officer 1981 to 1989
Charles Stobbart catering offficer 1982 to 1983
Chris Furnish able seaman (grade 1) 1982
Erick Weston Fifth Engineer 1982 to 1983 Joined Teesport, left Shellhaven.
Ian Draper steward 1982
Keith Roberts senior radio officer 1982
Sean Marsh grade 1 seaman 1982
Brian Leverett gp g1 1982
John Armstrong catering offficer 1982
Julian Shears galley boy 1982 1st trip
Peter Wilson junior catering rating 1982
Colin Mckay 3rd officer 1982 to 1983
John Peter Hunter 3rd engineer 1982 to 1983
Geoff Donnelly chief mate 1982
David Wilson chief steward 1983 to 1984
Roy Robertson 2nd mate 1983
Ian Nicholson deck cadet 1983
John Tallon messman 1983
Iain Maciver pumpman 1983 to 1985 ab/pumpman
Roger Beecroft 3rd engineer 1983 to 1984
Thomas P. Hughes extra chief officer 1984
John Arnott 2nd officer 1984
Tommy Golling 2nd cook and baker 1984 to 1985
Carl Waldrom deck boy 1984 to 1995 deck boy, sg1 sst
Kevin Mcnamara engineer cadet 1984
Craig Douglas 5th engineer 1984
Andy Johnson 2nd cook 1984 to 1986
Mark Hill cadet 1984
Stephen Cunningham 4th engineer 1984
Iain Wysner able seaman 1984 to 1985
Iain Wysner efficient deckhand 1984
Herbert Rintoul chief petty officer 1985
Tony K Lewis 2nd cook and baker 1985
Roland Wysner sg1 sst 1985
George Smart able seaman 1985
Graeme Lawrence 2nd mate 1986
Malcolm Semple 1 3rd engineer 1986 to 1987 acting 3rd engineer (cargo engineer)
Christopher Hobson gp 1 seaman 1986
Graham Walden 2nd engineer 1986
James D. Jim Auton chief engineer 1986 Last ship, retired hurt! Broken back but luckily not "complete" ~ could still get my leg over - am still married to Gillian (61 years).
Fred Craig cook steward/catering officer 1986 to 1993
Charlie Nelson 5th engineer 1986
David Cornelius 3rd mate 1986 deck cadet, 3rd mate
Bill Parker chief officer 1986 My last trip to sea
Erick Weston Fourth Engineer promoted to Second Engineer 1986 to 1987 Teesport - Shellhaven
Shaun Overton 2nd cook and baker 1987
John Wlikinson-... chef kok 1987
Erick Weston chief engineer 1987 to 1988 Sullom Voe - Shellhaven via many trips to Brent Spar. last trip at sea.
Charles Humphreys 3rd officer 1987
Christopher Hawkes engineer cadet 1987
Erick Weston Second Engineer 1987 Buckie - Rotterdam
Brandon Dickson 2 5th engineer 1987
John Evans 3rd mate 1987
Andrew Salt Thesalts engineer cadet 1988
Stephen Sowrey 4th engineer 1988 to 1989
David Hopwood pumpman 1988 to 1989
Graham Gould 2nd engineer 1988
Brian Graham chief engineer 1989
Robert Rotheram... 2nd cook 1989
Steven Matthews mate 1989
Chris Renton 3rd mate 1989
Eric Cordiner able seaman 1989
Peter Curtis steward 1989 to 1992
Bob Holbrook steward 1990
Steven Cave 5th engineer 1990 to 1991
Edward Portess able seaman (grade 1) 1990
Mark W. Dottin able seaman 1990
Brandon Dickson 2 4th engineer 1990
Gary Jones 5th engineer 1990 to 1991
Fred Craig catering offficer 1990
Gary Unsworth 2nd cook 1990
Philip Tweddle chief officer 1991
Paul Edward Roche 3rd mate 1991 to 1992
Paul Booth able seaman 1991
Fred Craig cook steward 1991 to 1993
David Hoath 4th engineer 1991
Peter Bolt 5th engineer 1992
Myles Povey 5th engineer 1992 to 1993
John Evans chief mate 1992 to 1993
Brian Graham chief engineer 1992 to 1993
Robin Davies 5th engineer 1992
Temur Beraya unknown 2011


Date Visitor Anecdote
02/28/2017 - 22:31 Phil Maciver

Was radio officer on the Drupa when it grounded (well sank on the jetty) in stavanger Feb 1976.
Remember the bulbous bow hitting then rocks and the ship bending like a banana and rolling to port, taking off the bulbous bow and 1-6 starboard tanks ( I think) Was a beautiful blue sky day - flat calm - pilot on board, 3rd mate said captain we are too near the rock, what rocks he shouted, too late. Remember being thrown off my chair with the impact and the sayi,h to captain, distress call? No he said, contact shell HQ. Sent message to cullercoats radio on 500khz, prefixed GETUM to shell, th4 highest priority message. Remember captain saying don't think we hit the tanks, seconds later a sound you could not discribe came from under the ship and black crude was everywhere. We limped to the jetty, sank on the jetty and the ship had a masssive list to port, we all were told to stay on board except the wives. Wouldn't happen nowerdays with H&S ???? Captains and Pilot were arrested and jailed, believe they were find A?5000 each, a price of as small house, then sacked tickets lost. As Drups had a 1.5 million refit to have a pipe fitted to the bow, it was going to be the first ship to take oil from the North Sea! - this was not to be and mobile took the prize! Shell were not best pleased, the heads from Shell in London were out by private helicopter within hours of the news. As drupa was such and expensive ship it was decided to get 4 massive tugs and limp it to Hamburg where it was repaired and put back into service in the summer of 1976.
Well that's the story - after that epic short lived trip joined the AMASTRA

01/04/2016 - 20:55 John Warman

Does anybody remember listening to 'Radio Geronimo' at midnight after the watch?

03/29/2013 - 13:46 Malcolm Semple 1

Once upon a time....

Drupa alongside at Teessport with the condenser opened up looking for a tube leak, which was eventually found but we were due to sail a full cargo from Teesport to Seal Sands and "Standby" was rung before the condenser could be boxed up. The voyage lasted about an hour and the next movement of the telegraph was "Finished with Engines".

06/11/2012 - 12:09 Roger Beecroft

I had just come from motor ships and was gaining sea time for my steam ticket so was fairly inexperienced on them. We where sailing down the West Coast of Scotland in a Force 11 and had cleared the lee of the outer Hebrides heading for the North Channel, the seas where huge and it felt like we where surfing down them. As I was taking over the watch at noon from the fourth engineer I asked him if he knew what the over speed trips where set at on the turbines as the shaft revs where peaking at about 140 revs. As I asked the question there was a loud bang as the Bulkhead stop valve tripped and almost simultaneously both boiler superheat safety valves lifted with the boilers on full firing. Fortunately the day work third engineer, an experienced steam engineer, was to hand and quickly reset the LP turbine over speed trip while we dealt with the boilers. This all took a few minutes at panic stations before we got the job back together & where able to call the bridge to advise them of the incident. The Bridge hadna??t even noticed the loss of propulsion or the screaming superheat safety valves venting from the funnels in the force of the storm.

10/06/2010 - 15:31 Mike Big Taff H...

Great times on this ship ,very busy times ,lightening/north sea ,brent spar flyer extra leave then cash it in ,loadsamoney lol .all added up over a 6 month trip .Then back again a couple of months later to start all over again ,great bunch of lads in the light/north sea game from mid 70s to mid 80s .

03/24/2010 - 01:23 Richard Stanley...

She was a nice ship,i think she was the first of her kind. But the engines (Sluzer ? )
where crap.Every day mopping up oil. Happy Days

10/22/2009 - 02:23 David Bailey

hardest job litning suoer tankerrs in the english channel

10/22/2009 - 02:17 David Bailey

one off the hardest jobs lightnig super tankers it was none stop