Completed 1977 as "ERINNA" for STUK. 1990 as "ERINNA" to Shell Tankers Rotterdam. 1994 sold White Star Shipping Norway and renamed White Star. 11-11-2004 arrived Chittagong for scrap.

Also known as
White Star
IMO number
Call sign
Construction number
31.487 ton
Length overall
Year of construction
Year of renaming/broken up
Service for Shell
1977 to 1994
Flag state
Home port



Name Job Period Details
Jack Beaumont master 1977 to 1978
Mike Gilmour 2 radio officer 1977 to 1978
Mike Gordine 3rd mate 1977 to 1978
Andrew Nutman cadet 1977 to 1978 1st trip
Adrian Ridley radio officer 1978
Roger Beecroft 3rd engineer 1978 to 1979
Andy Davies deck cadet 1978 to 1979
Steve Almond 3rd engineer 1978
Roger Beecroft 3rd engineer 1978 to 1979
Roger Chapman radio officer 1979
Pete Clementson radio officer 1979 to 1980
Ian Thornhill 2nd mate 1979 to 1980
Robin Buncombe 2nd engineer 1979
Kevin Blackburn 4th engineer 1979
Mark Hornsby 3rd officer 1980
Les Straughan 3rd engineer 1980
Mark Hornsby deck cadet 1980
Andrew Creedon engineer cadet 1980 to 1981
Alistair Randoll deck cadet 1981
Jim Ellis cadet 1981
Peter Mackay engineer cadet 1981
Robin Dunn 3/0 1981
Michael Turnbull 5th engineer 1982 to 1983
Roger Beecroft 3rd engineer 1982
Mike Gordine 2nd mate 1982
Nigel Ware engineer cadet 1982
Mike Big Taff H... able seaman (grade 1) 1982 to 1984
Roy Robertson 2nd mate 1982
Eric Phillips captain (commanding officer) 1983
David Heron chef kok 1984 to 1985
Paul Hagan po deck 1984 to 1985
Gary Flux gpi 1984 to 1985
Richard McLare Engineering Cadet 1984 2nd trip
Neil Warren able seaman 1984
Danny Liddington able seaman 1984 to 1985
Mark Pond able seaman 1984 to 1987
Gary Timmins able seaman 1984 to 1985
Chris Warriner radio/electronics officer 1984
Fred Craig catering offficer 1984
John Holmes 3rd officer 1984 to 1985
Sean Marsh grade 1 seaman 1985 to 1986
Steven Colin Barker deck cadet 1985 2nd trip
David Gowns engineer cadet 1985
Ray White engineer cadet 1985
Mike Jelfs gp 1 1985
Joe Mally chief petty officer 1985
Mark Chisholm cadet 1986 first trip cadet
Shaun Overton assistant steward 1986
Roy Robertson 2nd mate 1986 to 1987
Mike Jelfs gp 1 1986
Mike Philpott A... sro 1986 to 1987
Mark Pond seaman 1986 to 1987
John Hagan 4th engineer 1987 to 1989
Malcolm Freeman 2nd/ck 1988
Robert Rotheram... 2nd cook 1988
Rinus Parent 2nd engineer 1989
Mark W. Dottin able seaman 1989
Nick Jenkins 3rd officer 1989
John Tallon messman/cook/steward 1989 to 1990
David Atkinson radio officer 1989
Kees-jan Smit 1 cadet, stagiair 1990 to 1991
Rients Agema master 1990
Rob Bosman 2nd engineer 1990
Moelyono Kasio radio officer 1991 to 1992
Mohamad Tohir Laisa 2nd officer 1992
Rinus Parent 2nd engineer 1992
Wilh. C. Moll captain (commanding officer) 1993 to 1994
Dennis Van Der ... deck and engine cadet 1993
Hans Burger 1 2nd engineer 1993
John Kalkman hoofdwerktuigkundige 1993


Date Visitor Anecdote
01/20/2013 - 18:05 Mike Philpott A...

I joined Erinna at Anewa Bay, Bougainvillea in the Solomon Islands on 17th December 1986. We flew from Port Moresby to Kieta in a little seven seater, just the pilot and me. Soon after take off I realised the pilot was the same guy drinking in the same bar as me all morning in Moresby! He was very excited and flew me into the huge copper mine to take a look around before landing! Erinna had been trading out East for years so I thought I was on a good thing for tax 'avoidance'. Silly me. I paid off in Immingham a couple of days short of the qualifying time for a years tax refund! At the time, did I really think of jumping ship in mid Dover Strait and making it to France? NO not me! Well...yes! I left Shell in Immingham and after 30 years never returned to sea professionally. Shell had flagged out to the IOM by this time, and it wasn't going to be the same Shell anymore. Also, the writing was on the wall for us R.O's. Fortunately, I was just old enough to qualify for an early pension, and have been amongst the worthy ranks of Shell pensioners ever since.

02/16/2011 - 18:31 Mike Big Taff H...

further to my earlier post about the lovely ERINNA ,never been on ship that was as badly riddled with cockroaches,there was no air con in crew accom it had been isolated for the chinese crew,1st job was to get it back up and running,took about a month to clear accom of our friends .the pacific islands made the trip a lot easier to bear ,fiji,tonga,sol isles,samoa,never forget taking on the fijian rugby side in drinking their local hooch!!!!!! not a pretty site the next day .

10/06/2010 - 14:42 Mike Big Taff H...

joined the m.v cockroach [erinna] in sol islands took over from a very reluctant to leave chinese crew very cloak and dagger ish . pacific islands geelong for 6 months good memories of this trip .

01/16/2009 - 18:11 Tonga

This is actually a test message on behalf of a lady whose son served on Drupa and Erinna; but was sadly killed in a motor accident in 1989 aged 17. She is trying to trace anyone who knows more of these two ships during 1986-88.

She has tried to login and post, but without success, hence I am trying to do it on her behalf.