Completed 1973 as "GADILA" for STUK. 1986 to Brunei Shell and renamed "BEKALANG". 2011 delivered to Jiangyin Ship Recycling China for scrapping.

Also known as
IMO number
Call sign
Construction number
H 25
51.579 ton
Length overall
Year of construction
Year of renaming/broken up
Service for Shell
1973 to 2011
Flag state
Home port



Name Job Period Details
Allan Feeley engineer 1972
Robert John Cush 5th engineer 1973
Paul Evans 5th engineer 1973 to 1974
Geoffrey Stephe... steward 1973
Simon Reilly 2nd engineer 1973 to 1974
John Bennett 4th engineer 1973 to 1974
Peter B. Pamment 2nd officer 1974
Eian Hay Glover 5th engineer 1974
Tom Holman junior radio officer 1974
Roger David Collins 4th engineer 1975
Alan Campion 3rd engineer 1975 cargo engineer, 3rd engineer
Adrian Ridley radio officer 1975 to 1976
Martin Murdoch 5th engineer 1975
Steve Kent 5th engineer 1975
David Else chief engineer 1975 to 1976
Roger Skuse junior radio officer 1976
Arthur Roy 3rd engineer 1976
Roger Chapman radio officer 1976
D.s. Cook chief engineer 1976
Peter B. Pamment 2nd officer 1976 to 1977
Geoff Donnelly 2nd mate 1976
Michael Marsh 3rd engineer 1976 to 1977
Alan Burns radio officer 1976
Ben Palmer 3rd mate 1978
Nigel Draffin 2 2nd engineer 1978 to 1979
Doug Macintyre deck cadet 1978
Gerry Hickey deck cadet 1979
Simon Maasz cadet 1979
Peter Davidson 2nd mate 1979
Mike Philpott A... radio officer 1979 to 1980
Brian Blythe 2nd mate 1979 to 1980
Brian Sanders 5th engineer 1979
Ian Howard deck cadet 1980
Robin Macleod 2nd mate 1980
Doug Macintyre deck cadet 1980
kevinkstephenso... Third Mate 1980 to 1981
Robin Ritchie chief engineer 1980
Michael F. Keenan 4th engineer 1980
Mark Adams 3rd officer 1981 to 1982
Bernard Sayer 3rd engineer 1981 last trip
Geoff Akehurst 2nd mate 1981
Nicholas Slater Fifth Engineer 1981 2nd Trip 5/E - a blessing after surviving 1st trip on the Rapana
Dave Freeman 2nd mate 1982
Peter Clark 3rd engineer 1982
Andy Bowling 3rd officer 1982 apprentice promoted to 3rd officer
John Taylor extra chief officer 1982
Stephen Cunningham 4th engineer 1983
Mike Philpott A... radio officer 1983
Eric Phillips captain (commanding officer) 1983 to 1985
Erick Weston Fourth Engineer 1984 Negishi to Sodegaura
Charlie Nelson 5th engineer 1984
Peter Graham chief officer 1984
Brian Boyle 2nd engineer 1984 to 1985
Eric Halcrow 3rd engineer 1985
David Else chief engineer 1985
Craig Douglas 4th engineer 1985
Paul Crouch 4th engineer 1985
kevinkstephenso... Third Mate 1985
Alex Hammond 3rd officer 1985
Richard Whing 2nd mate 1985 last voyage with Shell
Stuart Gallaway 2nd mate 1985
Siu Ming Tam chief steward 1986
Terry Crook 2nd engineer 1986
John Small 3rd officer 1987


Date Visitor Anecdote
07/15/2011 - 10:10 Martin Murdoch

Loading Gas in Lamut in Brunai one night when a tropical storm hit along with lightning,which struck the forward gas riser and hence set the vapour on fire! The emergency shut off valve failed to operate, the loading boom was subsequently disconnected, the mooring lines slipped and the ship left the berth with the riser well alight, lit up like a Christmas tree. The Mate and the Cheif Engineer went forward, the ice on the riser was melting indicating that the flame was travelling back down the riser. Armed with a sledge hammer and crow bar the emergency valve was delt a sharp numnber of blows and finally closed, with the ice on the riser about 6ft above their heads, any lower and the Gadila wouldn't have survived, nor the crew!