Completed 1957 as "HAMINELLA" for STUK. 28-4-1976 arrived Vinaroz Spain for scrapping.

IMO number
Call sign
Construction number
19.349 ton
Length overall
Year of construction
Year of renaming/broken up
Service for Shell
1957 to 1976
Flag state
Home port



Name Job Period Details
Late Charlie Za... pumpman pumpman donkeyman
Brian Vizor deck boy 1957
Robert Preston apprentice engineer 1957 to 1958
Donald Jones No... chief and ships cook 1957 to 1958
William Edward ... catering boy 1958
John Radford catering boy/galley boy 1958 to 1959
Russell Porter catering boy 1958 to 1959
Douglas M.C. Renton 2nd mate 1958 to 1959
Don Bennett deck apprentice 1958 to 1959
Wilfrid Michael... apprentice engineer 1959 to 1960
Barry Tilley 2nd steward 1959 to 1960
Arthur J. Hamilton efficient deckhand 1959 to 1960
James Hitch 5th engineer 1959
Trevor Baker apprentice engineer 1959 to 1960
Bryan Woods deck apprentice 1960 to 1961
Peter Joseph Arthurs ordinary seaman 1960 to 1961
David Coldwell apprentice deck officer 1960 to 1961
Alexander David... deck apprentice 1961 to 1962 1st trip
Anthony Terry W... chief and ships cook 1962
Trevor Irons deck apprentice 1963 to 1964
William Keith Billy deck boy 1964
Ronnie White steward 1964 to 1965
Neil Jones 2 able seaman 1964 to 1965
Antonie Tommy Koning able seaman 1964
Neil Frederick ... catering boy/galley boy 1964 to 1965
Stewart Alves radio officer 1964 to 1965
Allen Higgins apprentice engineer 1965 to 1966
Alan Maison senior ordinary seaman 1965 to 1966
Peter Graham 2nd officer 1965
Norman C. Hewitt junior ordinary seaman 1965
Fred Ravenscroft steward 1965
Colin Sandeman deck apprentice 1965 2nd trip apprentice
Arthur R. Geake chief officer 1965
Roy Tubbs apprentice engineer 1966 1st trip
Roger Phillips apprentice engineer 1966 2nd trip
Gary Watkinson catering boy/galley boy 1966 to 1967
Richard Hindle 3rd engineer 1966 to 1967
Gary Watkinson galley boy 1966 to 1967
John Parnell deckhand 1966 to 1967
Robert Gorge Hall catering boy 1967 to 1968
Gary Watkinson 2nd cook 1967 to 1968
Steven Foot deck apprentice 1967
James Preston Barnes deck boy/senior ordinary seaman 1967
Raymond John Wo... fireman/greaser 1967 to 1968
Alan Drury po mechanic 1967
Brian Foster deck apprentice 1967
Donald Travis 2nd officer 1967
Syd Lees deck apprentice 1967 to 1968
Peter John Houghton 4th engineer, 3rd engineer 1967
Stephen Smith apprentice engineer 1967
Pete Coward deck cadet 1967 to 1968
Timothy F. Porter deck cadet 1967 to 1968
Ed Cuthill 3rd engineer 1968
Anonymous crew messman 1968 to 1969
David Clarke junior ordinary seaman 1968
Robin Campbell-... 4th engineer officer 1969
Edwin Mortimer chief officer 1969 to 1970
Michael Oldham able seaman 1969 to 1970
Peter Matthews 2nd engineer 1969
Brian Lavender radio officer 1969 to 1970
Ian Thompson radio officer 1969
Kevin Noonan able seaman 1969
Glynn Davies catering boy 1970
John Haywood apprentice engineer 1970 to 1971
Bernard Sayer 4th engineer 1970 to 1971
Robert Alan Barrett able seaman 1970 to 1971
Graham Darling 2 2nd cook 1970 to 1971
Martin Tait deck cadet 1970 to 1971
Gareth Gray junior ordinary seaman 1971 to 1972
Jonathan Rushton deck cadet 1971 to 1972
Geoffrey Forster 2 assistant steward 1972
Chris Smith navigation cadet 1972
Michael Oldham able seaman 1972
Terry Brady assistant steward 1972
Roger David Collins 5th engineer 1973
Trevor P Carpenter deck cadet 1973 to 1974
Paul Christophe... 5th engineer 1973 to 1974
Herbie A. Battye 2nd officer 1973
Michael Errington assistant steward 1973 to 1974
Mike Castle deck cadet 1974
Alan Hill third officer 1974
Robin Ritchie chief engineer 1974
Ray Miles engineer cadet 1974
Michael Johnston chef kok 1974 to 1975
William Denzil ... efficient deckhand 1975
Darrell Meacher 5th engineer 1975 to 1976
Robin Macleod 3rd mate 1975
Malcolm Jones junior ordinary seaman 1975
Jack Beaumont master 1975
John Holmes deck cadet 1975 to 1976
Donald Morrison 5th engineer 1976 into Vinaroz scrapyard
Kevin Hunter catering boy/galley boy 1976
Joe Collins deck cadet 1976 Joined in Dublin in Apr 76. Stanlow, Rotterdam and then ship ordered to Vinaros (Spain) for scrapping.
Alan Susans 5th engineer 1976


Date Visitor Anecdote
08/07/2016 - 23:35 David Clarke

joined and paid-off in Singapore.Good runs ashore.Did one trip to Aus and NZ also three sets of pacific islands but mainly Vietman not so good shore side.Recall being on deck when two American phantom pilots decided to jolly us up by flying at sea level and just as they cleared the ship switching their afterburners on and off the resulting bangs resulted in many a change of underpants.Though not as much noise as when we were at anchor off Da Nang at the time of the Thet offensive the American battleship New Jersey was firing broadsides inland and on her return of each run passed close to our stern magnificent sight to watch but felt for the people close to where those shells landed.

04/02/2014 - 23:02 Gareth Gray

joined her in singapore on the 2/8/71 was the best trip i ever had wat a great bunch of guys, 6 months felt like 6 weeks

04/09/2012 - 15:31 James Preston Barnes

got previouse blog wrong,wrong ship lol.
joined Haminella Singapore 1969 june on Vietnam run hectick times spent more than earnings but had a good time left october 69 last time with tankers, left the sea september 1976 home for 1st birthday first child never went back settled for 5 kids, ended up a welder and union rep to present

04/09/2012 - 14:57 James Preston Barnes

I joined her in Bremerhaven dry dock January 5th 1967 my first ship after 12 months at TS Indefatigable. Did 3 months as deck boy with six months remission from sea school got steering ticket and promoted to SOS did about 6 months after resigning on as she wsa going to Japan, Captain Roberts asked me if I had heard she was going to Japan and was that my reason, said I had no idea, so he allowed me to resign and continue on articles, I was lying and thinking back Captain knew I was too. Great crew and officers great first trip, Did two more with Shell Vitrina and hamminella before diverting to general cargo and other shipping lines. left the sea 1976, Married with 5 children, grown up now kids too?

01/31/2012 - 22:26 John Parnell

i was in the haminella from august 1966 to july 1967.this was my one and only trip,at first very homesick. but settled in after a few weeks. went to some very interesting places including vietnam as i suppose we all did.served on deck as a dhu, the lowest rank. made some friends and still wonder at times how they are.
sometimes i think of the old ship and dream of those times.that will never return.
one day will dig out photos and post on website

john parnell

12/04/2008 - 12:48 Douglas M.C. Renton

The Haminella was the first fibreglass experimental ship. We had a fibreglass lifeboat, which was too light for the gravity davits; we also had one section of deck cargo line, and one in the tanks which were an apparent success.