Completed 1956 as "HYGROMIA" for STUK. 27-7-1972 arrived Kaohsiung for scrap.

IMO number
Call sign
Construction number
19.153 ton
Length overall
Year of construction
Year of renaming/broken up
Service for Shell
1956 to 1972
Flag state
Home port



Name Job Period Details
Peter Newbery 2nd engineer 1957 to 1958
George Wilson 3rd mate 1957 to 1958
Alan Makinson 4th engineer 1958
Henry Watson junior ordinary seaman 1958 to 1960
Chris Jowett deck apprentice 1958
Michael Hines apprentice engineer 1958
Joe Carter apprentice engineer 1958
James Alan Collinge deck apprentice 1959 to 1960
Bryan Woods deck apprentice 1960
Roy Crawford able seaman 1960
Derrick Owen King apprentice engineer 1960
Charles Bryan able seaman 1961
Tony Roberts 5th engineer 1961
Chris Jowett deck officer 1962 to 1963
Alan Matthews apprentice engineer 1962 to 1963
Leslie Watson 5th engineer 1962 to 1963
John Williams 2nd engineer 1962 to 1963
Adrian Lamb deck apprentice 1962 First trip to sea
Sean Mccann deck boy 1963 to 1964
Alan Jones Alan... assistant steward 1963
Norman Woodhouse deck apprentice 1963 to 1964 1st trip, I am now master of Pride of Hull
Colin Mussell senior ordinary seaman 1963
Norman Williams 2nd cook 1963
Robin Ritchie 5th engineer 1964
Stephen Robert ... catering boy 1964 to 1965
David Rayfield 3rd mate 1964
Edwin Mortimer 2nd mate 1964
Douglas M.C. Renton chief mate 1964 to 1965
Frank H. Dixon radio officer 1965 to 1966
A. Peter Colema... apprentice engineer 1965 to 1966
Brian Bailey deck apprentice 1965 to 1966
Roger Roberts catering boy 1965
Chris Doak apprentice 1966 1st trip
Willie Carle 5th engineer 1966
Alun Davis catering boy 1966
Mike Sutton assistant steward 1967
Trevor Potter deckhand 1967
Graham Wheeler radio officer 1967 to 1968
Peter Graham chief officer 1968 to 1969
Roy Parfitt radio officer 1968 to 1969
Ian Stretton Walker chief officer 1968
John Bruce 3rd mate 1968 to 1969
Joe Mally able seaman (grade 1) 1968 to 1969
David Edwards radio officer 1968
Kieran Campbell radio officer 1969 to 1970
Eric Phillips chief officer 1969
Peter Brian Coxwell 3rd officer 1969
Martin Buckman able seaman 1969 to 1970
Geoff Akehurst deck apprentice 1970
Peter Jolly junior catering rating 1971
Zia Addin Kalan... deck cadet 1971
Allen Higgins 2nd engineer 1971
Bernard Teale 2nd engineer 1971
Christopher Hornby 3rd engineer 1972
Geoff Hoyle 4th engineer 1972 Just before she went to scrap.
Mike Connor engineer cadet 1972 took her to scrap
Jonathan Rushton deck cadet 1972


Date Visitor Anecdote
10/17/2017 - 09:19 Derek Barkus

I served on the hygronia on deck 1969 1970 I have many great memories and some not so good a change of captain brought a change to the atmosphere on board he was not a nice man and it reflected on the feelings amongst the crew he ordered some stupid things like changing the decks from non slip green paint to acid free tar which failed miserably in hot weather especially the Persian gulf most of it came away with the first on board wave leaving port Elizabeth sa the crew didn't like the captain for many other reasons but I still have some great stories from our trips into Vietnam Thailand and India if there is any interest in would be glad to tell them!

02/13/2009 - 15:09 Mike Connor

I was and engineer cadet on the Hygromia in 1972, sailing out of Pulau Bukom, Singapore, Chief Engineer was Dougie Horrocks. In August 1972 we were in Australia and got orders to return to Singapore as the ship had been sold for scrap. When we got there the crew were paid off and flown home but the officers stayed on board. We were on the Eastern anchorage off Clifford Pier, the tanks were cleaned out and gas freed, cleaning was done by hand using rags and cotton waste, mostly by old women.
Although the ship was scrapped in Taiwan it was actually handed over to the scrapping company in Singapore.
We stripped out a lot of the equipment from the engine room to be used as spare parts for other H-boats, including the HP turbine and the emergency generator, and had a floating crane and generator alongside.
We stayed on the ship about ten days, having barbeques on deck at night, we had steaks every day as the Chief Steward had just stocked up on meat in Australia!