Completed 1975 as "LAMPAS" for STUK. 1983-1986 laid-up in Loch Striven. 1998 scrapped Chittagong.

IMO number
Call sign
Construction number
317.996 ton
Length overall
Year of construction
Year of renaming/broken up
Service for Shell
1975 to 1998
Flag state
Home port



Name Job Period Details
Iain Dickson deck cadet
Colin Osman extra 3rd engineer 1975 to 1976 Stood by the building in Belfast
Thomas Ogle 5th engineer 1975 to 1976
Derek J. McReynolds catering boy 1975 to 1976
John Weir 3rd officer 1975 to 1976
Steven Darley able seaman 1975 to 1977
David Atkinson unknown 1976 to 1977
Phil Holt Eng Cadet 1976 First and last trip on a Steam Ship -
Richard Hill radio/electronics officer 1976
Hugh Cromie 2nd mate 1976
Peter Gill 2 2nd mate 1976 to 1975
Eamon Mullin deck cadet 1976
Tony Breakell deck cadet 1976 to 1977
Rick Vince 1 gppo pumpman 1976 to 1977
Carl Gippert 2nd steward 1976
Kevin Mason catering boy 1977 to 1978
Paul Fuller 3rd mate 1977
Bernard Kates junior radio officer 1977
Keith Roberts radio officer 1977
Paul Newing steward 1977
Barry Pettit deck cadet 1977 to 1978
Gerry Healy assistant steward 1977
Chris Wilkinson deck cadet 1977 My 1st trip April till August 1977
Rick Vince 1 gppo pumpman 1977 to 1978
Keith D Ellison... G P 1 Seaman 1977 Last Trip to Sea
Derek Cumming deck cadet 1977
Anthony Fozzy H... able seaman (grade 2) 1978
Dave Saltner catering boy 1978
Thomas Malcolm ... 3rd engineer 1978
GCEVANS 1st radio officer 1978 28 march 1978 to 19th august 1978
Iain Mccoll chief steward 1978
Arthur Dobosz catering boy/pantry boy 1978 1st trip
James D. Glover 3rd engineer 1978 to 1979
Francis Geary 5th engineer 1978
Ash Bowron apprentice deck officer 1978 to 1979
Brian Sanders 5th engineer 1978
Mark Lewis deck boy 1978 to 1979
Steven Matthews 3rd mate 1979
Michael F. Keenan 4th engineer 1979
Matthew Jamieson extra 3rd engineer 1979
Nicholas Slater engineer cadet 1979 First Trip E/C
Michael Spike Sharp grade 1 seaman 1979
Bill Parker 2nd mate 1979
Mark longley deck cadet 1979 to 1980
Nick Slater engineer cadet 1979
Kevin Madden deck apprentice 1979
Alan Burns radio officer 1979 to 1980
Adrian Ridley radio officer 1980 to 1981
Derek J. McReynolds 2nd cook 1980
John Briton 2nd cook and baker 1980
Daryl Smith senior ordinary seaman 1980
Fred Todd 2nd cook 1980 to 1981
Bobmead 2nd engineer 1980 to 1981
William Bradley steward 1980
John Pickering chef kok 1980
Tony Doan able seaman (grade 2) 1980
Andrew Maltby deck cadet 1980 to 1981
Stuart Jobson 3rd engineer 1980 to 1981
Alistair Randoll deck cadet 1981
Nick Edney deck cadet 1981 to 1982
Brian Mcglinchey chef kok 1981
John Crackett motorman 1981
Eian Evans able seaman 1981 to 1982
Stephen Mccraith deck cadet 1981
Charles Humphreys deck cadet 1981
Eric Phillips F... captain (commanding officer) 1981
Garry Marshall 2nd cook 1981
Mark W. Dottin mg 2 1981
Shaun Overton assistant steward 1981
Trevor Harris able seaman (grade 2) 1982 j.d.r -sg2
Shaun Overton assistant steward 1982
Keith Browne steward 1982
Bryan Betts efficient deckhand 1982
Colion Greenall pumpman 1982
Gordon Wright deck cadet 1982 twice
Don Shanahan 2nd cook 1982 to 1983
Mike Bailey 3rd engineer 1982
David Wilson chief steward 1982
Stephen Cunningham 4th engineer 1982
Paul Crouch 5th engineer 1982
Mark W. Dottin motorman 1983
Gary Stirling deck boy 1983
Roy Halsall 5th engineer 1984
Neil Doyle 3rd mate 1986
David Heron cook steward 1986
Derek Wallace D... master 1986 to 1987
David R. Byrne 3 engineer 1986 to 1998 motorman,petty officer,spare gear,5th eng,4th eng,3rd eng
John Holmes chief officer 1987
Thomas P. Hughes master 1987 to 1988
John Dunhill deck cadet 1987
Fred Craig catering offficer 1987
John P M Cusson captain (commanding officer) 1988
John Arnott chief officer 1988 to 1989
David Beeston chief engineer 1988 to 1989
Robert Rotheram... 2nd cook 1988
Christopher Hawkes 4th engineer 1989 to 1990
Roy Robertson chief officer 1989
Andrew Allen dual cadet 1990 to 1991
Nick Jenkins 3rd officer 1990
Brian Blythe 2nd mate 1991 to 1993
Peter Bolt extra 4th engineer 1992 to 1993
James Estill deck cadet 1992
Ian Falconer cadet training officer 1992
David Gowns cadet training officer 1993
Geoffrey Forster 2 cook steward 1993 to 1994
Ken Edwards safety officer 1993 safety superintendent
Geoff Donnelly captain (commanding officer) 1993
John Ross 2 master 1993 to 1995
Fraser Murdoch 5th engineer 1993
Grant Cleverley marine cadet 1993 to 1994
Randy Ellis steward 1994 to 1995
Don Jenkins 3rd engineer 1994
Malcolm Freeman cook steward 1994
Ryan Whitaker deck cadet 1995 to 1996
John Pickering cook steward 1995
Ken Essien 5th engineer 1995
Gordon Moran 3rd mate 1995
Jonathan Wilson marine cadet 1995
Kenny Findlay 4th engineer 1995
John Peter Briand master 1995
Verner Haidak electro technical officer 1996
Klaudio Krpan 2nd engineer 1998
Chris Renton extra chief officer 1998
Darwin Tajil engineer cadet 1998
Dave Freeman captain (commanding officer) 1998
Ogunsakin Dare ... officer 2003 to 2010 junior officer
Amr Aly Mohame Attia deck officer 2010 to 2011


Date Visitor Anecdote
12/04/2018 - 10:37 Phil Holt

Joined the ship in Rotterdam at the end of its maiden voyage having misplaced the anchor in the English channel? She was an ok ship a few teething problems as I recall, feed pumps losing oil, deck ballast line joints all rupturing when the ballast water slammed into a closed valve, trying to slow the ship up the channel only to find the warming through steam had been left on the hp turbine, soot blower auto warming through valve failing, caused a bit of a panic around the back of the boiler as I recall? But very clean and modern; however slow steaming from Europe to the gulf and back didn't do much for me as an adventure and was the catalyst for me going back on motor ships.

09/10/2012 - 21:26 John Weir

Stood by building in Belfast for 3months!Best 3 months!!nightmare of 6 months 1st trip.Stanley Dean was the old man"The Screaming Scull!!Anchor jammed and tried freeing whilst going up channel to Europort 2 mooring wires hauling on flukes! Anchor came free and so did 15 shackles of cable behind 20 ton anchor ship doing 10 knots!!!! what a scene!!! Some guy got on P.A and said that tonights film will be ""Anchors Aweigh!!!!""If you know me i now live in Tobermory Isle of Mull call in at any pub they!ll know me. God bless Queen Juliana!!

08/06/2012 - 05:08 Nick Slater

Was on the Lampas in 1979. It was my first trip out of College (Plymouth)
I joined the ship at Ras-Al-Kaimah in the UAE and the first port of call was Kharg Island (you could still go there then)
I left that ship after 6 months in Europort with trips to Nigeria and the Carribean in between.
Hated the "slow steaming" back then to save fuel. It made for a long trip from the Gulf to LEFO (Land's End for Orders) which usually meant a load lightening in Torbay!!!

Fond memories. I can't hardly remember anyone, it's so long ago 33 years - Wow

05/05/2012 - 00:51 Bryan Betts

was on the lampas in early 82 joined in europort and paid off in abijan west africa, was an amazing 4 month trip and although we never got to go ashore much it was a good crew and can never forget one of the first jobs on board the bosun gave us was painting the funnel and i still remember to this day looking up snd thinking what ----- not permitted to write down but i ---- myself as it was so high and will never 4get we had such a laugh painting it

07/06/2011 - 06:05 Amr Aly Mohame Attia

I ASSIST AS THIRD OFFICER IN MY FIRST 3 MONTH IN a search and rescue operation to survive 96 youth from being lost at south crete in very bad weather .

07/21/2009 - 22:28 James Estill

Although I only spent 5 months in 1992 on the Lampas as a Deck Cadet, fond memories remain. With the aid of hindsight I also class myself as fairly lucky to have completed that one trip! From the time I joined (off Fujairah U.A.E.) with no air con. for the first 2 weeks, to paying off (off Durban S.A.) due to a serious boiler fire, the trip was a litany of problems. Endless pipe repairs (condensation intake fairly worrying) and endless mopping of crude. I believe the Barbadian crew were ready to mutiny but so were us cadets. When not working, our time was generally spent on the x alleyway musterpoint due to another false fire alarm in the (rarely) unmanned engine room or the pump room. Sleep deprivation was affecting sanity and with an Old Man who was a Savage (Vince I believe), tensions were running high.We were all failing the white cotton glove on cabin inspection, and I had numerous visits to the Old Mans office for warnings about my alcohol consumption, but after 5 months on the Eburna I was struggling! It all came to a head when the C/E and the Old Man persisted in using the main boiler despite a faulty 'uptake valve'. After the fire and a metre sq. hole in the boiler void casing (off the coast of Somalia of all places), we set off on the aux. boiler for Rotterdam at about 2 knots. The other Cadets and I payed off in Durban, eventually, to see the bonfire night fireworks from the pilot boat just before midnight. As I said, fond memories remain! I understand she was scrapped 1998, I'm amazed she lasted that long to be honest.......Hope there wasn't anybody stuck in the lift!?