Completed 1975 as "LINGA" for STUK. 1975-1976 laid-up in Brunei Bay. 1981 sold to Saudi Tankers and renamed Arabian Sea. 1994 renamed Mare Champion. 1997 renamed Mosking. 1999 scrapped Chittagong.

Also known as
Arabian Sea
Mare Champion
IMO number
Call sign
Construction number
L 53
315.695 ton
Length overall
Year of construction
Year of renaming/broken up
Service for Shell
1975 to 1981
Flag state
Home port



Name Job Period Details
Allen Hill 3rd engineer 1975 to 1976 stood by in Odense
Fred Craig 2nd cook 1975
Donald Travis chief officer 1975
Patrick Ralph Asst Steward 1975
Michael Hunt 2nd cook 1976
Ed Meacham deck boy/junior ordinary seaman 1976
Steve Czerwionka 3rd engineer 1976
Chris Matthews chief engineer 1976 to 1977
Philip Longton ... 2nd engineer 1976 to 1977
Fred Craig chef kok 1976 to 1977
Douglas M.C. Renton master 1976 to 1977
Jon Welford 3rd mate 1977
David Beeston 2nd engineer 1977 to 1980
Scott Souter assistant steward 1977 to 1978
Roy Tillett 2nd cook 1977
Ian Bishop 4th engineer, 3rd engineer 1977 to 1980
Joe Mally gppo pumpman 1978
Mike Gordine 2nd mate 1978
Rick Vince 1 gppo pumpman 1978
Adrian Huntley able seaman (grade 3) 1978 to 1979
Mick Cardiff 2nd cook 1978
Paul Hadgraft catering boy 1978
David Rayfield extra chief officer 1978
Robert Parker deck cadet 1978 to 1979
Gus Mcphail senior radio officer 1978
Steve Beattie deck cadet 1978 to 1979
Gus Mcphail sro 1978
Brian Saunders gp 2 1978 to 1979
Bernard Reynolds chief officer 1978
Ian Taffy Peart deck boy 1978
Ian F. Boon captain (commanding officer) 1978
Peter Graham chief officer 1978
Stephan Steve Thomas radio/electronics officer 1978 to 1979 As trainee
Bernard Sayer extra 3rd engineer 1978
Ian Laney able seaman (grade 1) 1978
Des Brookes chief cook 1978
Daniel Mccaffrey deck cadet 1979 1st trip
William Billy Bowman catering boy 1979 to 1980
Kevin Mason assistant steward 1979
Raymond Laws chef kok 1979
Paul Solway grade 1 seaman 1979 seaman grade 1a
John P M Cusson chief officer 1979
Alistair Randoll deck cadet 1979
Andy Davies deck cadet 1979
Derek Briton gp assistant steward 1979 to 1980
Simon Holt 1 3rd officer 1980
Colion Greenall pumpman 1980 to 1981
Keven Chambers captain (commanding officer) 1980 to 1981
Bert Jock Beaton efficient deckhand 1980 to 1981
Nick Irven able seaman 1980 to 1981 deckhand/able seaman
Michael Buck efficient deckhand 1980
Shaun Bromwell deckhand 1980 to 1981
Kenneth Souter chief petty officer 1980
Greg Hoare 2nd engineer 1980 to 1981
David R. Byrne 3 motorman 1981
Mark Hornsby 3rd officer 1981
Erick Weston Fifth Engineer 1981 Joined Mina al Fahal April 81, left Lisbon Aug 81 (drydocking and handover to new owners)
Peter B. Pamment chief officer 1981


Date Visitor Anecdote
09/02/2013 - 17:45 Shaun Bromwell

She was my first trip. Straight out of the Peanut Factory at Gravesend in 1980 I was 'shang-hai-ed' by the pool being told I would join her in Savannah. Instead it was four days late in arriving at L'Harvre in the Channel. In the snow. Boarded via a four hour pilotage in a heavy swell, hung over and surrounded by vomit. Signed the articles and immediately was called out on strike. Me first week at sea was as a un-paid show of non-existant solidarity. Once the politics had blown over we discharged and sailed light ship for the Gulf via Suez (the largest to transverse in its day). The next six months consisted of playing hide and seek the wrong side of the Coins while the 'Tanker War' emerged over the next six months. Great Crew given the circumstances. Paid off in Oman.

07/26/2011 - 09:04 Alistair Randoll

It's a family affair, I sailed on Linga (2), my father sailed on Linga (1)