Completed 1968 as "MANGELIA" for STUK. 1976 sold to Goulandris Greece and renamed Andros Tanker but resold to Anders Jahre Norway and renamed Jarmona. 1979 sold to Asia Merchant Marine Korea and renamed Korea Donghae No 2. 30-12-1982 arrived Ulsan for scrap.

Also known as
Andros Tanker
Korea Donghae No 2
IMO number
Call sign
Construction number
209.838 ton
Length overall
Year of construction
Year of renaming/broken up
Service for Shell
1968 to 1976
Flag state
Home port




Date Visitor Anecdote
07/02/2013 - 17:27 Lucy Knight

Joined the Mangelia as Junior R/O after spending my third year at Brunel college as a Shell Radio cadet (74-75). Shell had just started the scheme when I was employed as a cadet. It was Summer 75 I joined the Mangelia as 2 R/O and left Feb 76 on eve of 21st birthday, just after Chinese New Year which I still have some photos of. (Chinese crew) It was the era of slow steaming and didn't set foot on dry land once in that time. The radio room equipment and radars (Marconi rental maintainance) played up well. The ship ended up having to have the entire PA stage of the Crusader dropped by helicopter when the ship passed Capetown. The ledex wafers had arced through. Other faults like cracked IF coils. Always ones which didn't carry the spares and would normally have required shore side. The senior, ER/O (3 ringer) with many years experience before him who joined Shell shortly before that trip, certainly earned his money Usually it was people and food that were dropped by helicopter, not half a transmitter!

10/23/2010 - 14:37 Bernard Reynolds

Mangelia 1976 Part 2
Dave greeted Shirley on the helicopter like a long lost friend and told her that he had left her a glass of whiskey on our coffee table to calm her nerves. When Shirley told the tale in the Bar that evening saying how nice it was for Dave to leave the glass of whiskey for her, everyoneone said "WHAT!" We had to get a bottle of whiskey down him to get hime to go up. IT'S NOT EVERYONE THAT HAS A PHOTOGRAPH OF THEIR WIFE SWINGING FROM A HELICOPTER.

After Rotterdam we went to Brest for drydock. When we got into the dock we found one of the propellor blades had a split halfway across it. It wouldn't have been long before we would have been a tow job.

10/23/2010 - 14:08 Bernard Reynolds

Mangelia part 1 My wife Shirley joined me by helicopter off Cape Town. We had joined my previous ship off Las Palmas where the helicopter landed on the deck. What I didn't tell Shirley was that the Cape Town Helicopter was too big to land and that she would have to be winched down. She met up with two Engineers at the Cromwell Road Terminal, I think one of them was Jim Auton. On arriving at Jo'berg Immigration would't let them through as they didn't have a covering letter from Shell explaining the reason why they had one-way tickets. Fortunately the air line had a similar situation the week before with BP Officers going to Durban. So they contacted the Agents in Durban who got onto Cape Town. By the time this was sorted out there was only one more flight that day to Cape Town. After clearing Immigration they had to go through Customs. Shirley had bought some women's magazines for the wives already on board. This being in the days of aparteid the Customs went through the mags pape by page to make sure that there wasn't any pictures of black & white people together. The ground staff then ran them to the plane which had been held back an hour waiting for them. At the hotel they met up with the R/O who had passed through Shell Centre and was given his own letter for Immigration. Shirley was the only one who had joined previously by helicopter so she told them how easy it was and it landed on the deck, When they got to the heliport the pilot said choose a number 1 to 4 and that was the order in which they would be winched down. Shirley went as No.2. I also have a photo of C/E Dave Hill (an old ship mate of ours) being winched up.