Completed 1972 as Stirling Bridge for Silverline. 1979 sold to International Coal Comp. Shell Tankers BV and renamed "TAGELUS". 1987 sold to Ocean Wave Greece and renamed Pan Maple. 1991 renamed Fintias. 1993 arrived Kaohsiung for scrap.

Also known as
Stirling Bridge
Pan Maple
IMO number
Call sign
Construction number
120.186 ton
Length overall
Year of construction
Year of renaming/broken up
Service for Shell
1979 to 1987
Flag state
Home port



Name Job Period Details
Klaas Holwerda radio officer 1979 to 1980
Klaas Holwerda radio officer 1979 to 1980
Fortanier Rob 4th engineer 1979 to 1980
Berry Van Iersel 4e en 3e stuurman 1979
Cees De Waard chief engineer 1979 to 1982
Sjoek Abma 2e stuurman (2nd officer/mate) 1979
Fred Van Der Vorm 2nd engineer 1979
Hans Casimiri 2nd officer 1979
John Budding gezagvoerder 1979
Gerhard Monkhorst leerling stuurman/werktuigkundige 1979
Peter Van Gent 5th engineer 1979 to 1980
Adri Van Der Ster 4th engineer, 3rd engineer 1979 to 1984
Ton Tromp 1e stuurman 1980 to 1984
Lucas Van Der Valk 4th engineer 1980 to 1981
Carlo Mazairac 3rd engineer 1980
Michiel Zoethout leerling sgo 1980 to 1981
Raphael Gallis stuurmansleerling 1980
Gerrit Van Der Garde apprentice engineer 1980
Koos Louws leerling SWTK 1980 2nd ship as stagair swtk - 7 months on board - good time on board with fellow stagairs (4) and collegues
Rene Portman 3e stuurman 1980 to 1981
Hans Van Der Ster stuurmansleerling 1980
John Donks 2e stuurman (2nd officer/mate) 1981
Theo Bakker 2nd engineer 1981 to 1986
Jos Peeters 3rd engineer 1981
N. Oortman 5th engineer 1981 to 1982
Taco Neven stagiaire sgo 1981
Kees Donken 2 master 1981 to 1986
R. Van Westendorp 1e stuurman 1982
Koos De Groot 2nd engineer 1982 to 1983
Hans Van Bussel leerlingwerktuigkundige 1982 to 1983
Jan Blaak 4th engineer 1982 to 1983
Jan Wientjes 1e stuurman 1982 to 1983
John Budding gezagvoerder 1982
Piet Veijgen radio officer 1982
Peter Van Gent 4th engineer 1982
Eduard R. Baaij radio officer 1982
Willem Kole 3rd engineer 1983
Rene Hendriks 1e stuurman 1983
Daan Dankaart 2nd officer 1983
Bert De Rijke stuurmansleerling 1984
Ton Van Den Broek 4th engineer 1984 to 1985
Piet Veijgen radio officer 1984
Bert Smet radio officer 1985
Juan Blankenburgh stuurmansleerling 1985 to 1986
Jan Roosenburg hovo 1985
Willem Kramer 3rd engineer 1985
Hak Van Der Sijp 1 3e stuurman, 2e stuurman 1985
J. Broekmeijer captain (commanding officer) 1986
Cees Van Der Graaf stuurmansleerling 1986
Piet Mink 1e stuurman 1986 2e en 1e stuurman


Date Visitor Anecdote
07/18/2012 - 17:29 Dave Chissel

this was my first experience of turbo electrics and I was a nervous wreck on my first watch but the 3rd engr, paddy Sterne, was really a great guy and quickly at ease. The alternators would go out of step in heavy weather and demanded your presence at the controls for the full watch. Anderson a geordie, was the chief and Britain was the skipper. We were out UK waters for 15 months and I got my income tax back. I joined in dry dock in Cardiff and the crew were a motley lot and the only true welshman was a steward called Timothy Mahoney. I learned so much that trip, not only about engineering neither!