Completed 1981 as "TRIBULUS" for Shell Coal Int. 1993 sold to Sealevel Shipping Panama and renamed Clelias Luck. 1995 renamed New Luck. 2002 sold to New Venturer Piraeus and renamed New Venturer 1. 2007 sold and renamed Venturer. 2010 sold for demolition in India.

Also known as
Clelias Luck
New Luck
New Venturer 1
IMO number
Call sign
Construction number
127.907 ton
Length overall
Year of construction
Year of renaming/broken up
Service for Shell
1981 to 1993
Flag state
Home port



Name Job Period Details
Robert Cribben able seaman 1980 to 1989
Nigel Adams efficient deckhand 1981
Robert Yuille 3rd engineer 1981 to 1982
Roger Beecroft 3rd engineer 1981
Chris Grimson 3rd mate 1981
David Hitchmough deck cadet 1981
Brian Mcglinchey chef kok 1981
Simon Holt 1 2nd mate 1981 to 1982
Mike Gordine 2nd mate 1982 to 1983
Verner Haidak radio officer 1982
Doug Moore engineer cadet 1982
Charlie Nelson engineer cadet 1982
Eric Cordiner mg 1 1982
Bill Glaister 3rd mate 1982 to 1983
Steven Asplet 3rd engineer 1982 to 1984
Peter Wright 5th engineer 1983
Alan Burns radio officer 1983 to 1984
Mark Hill deck cadet 1983 to 1984
Les Straughan 2nd engineer 1983 to 1984
Geoff Donnelly 2nd mate 1983
Hugh Cromie 2nd mate 1983
John Wlikinson-... chef kok 1983
Shaun Bromwell deckhand 1983 to 1984
Andy House 3rd engineer 1983
Colin Mckay 3/0 1983
Steve Lewis motorman 1984 to 1985
Geoffrey Forster 2 cook steward 1984 to 1985 ch/ck ck/stwd 92/92
Mark W. Dottin motorman 1985
Keith Browne steward 1985
Simon Harrold assistant steward 1985 to 1986
John Pickering cook steward 1985
Adrian Ridley radio officer 1986
Paul Booth able seaman 1986 to 1987
James D. Jim Auton chief engineer 1986
Christopher Wat... 5th engineer 1986
Andrew John Field sg1a 1986 joined in mizushima 10/1/86
John Dunhill deck cadet 1987 to 1988
David Gowns 3rd engineer 1987
Hamish Elliott deck cadet 1987
Geoff Donnelly chief mate 1988
Geoff Kelly 2nd cook 1988 to 1989
Gary Unsworth assistant steward 1988
Carl Ainsley 3rd engineer 1988
Fred Craig catering offficer 1988
Colin Bates able seaman 1989
Terence Richard... able seaman and boatswain (bosun/petty officer) 1989
Christopher Oconnor 3rd mate 1989 to 1990
Robin Campbell-... chief engineer officer 1989
Thomas P. Hughes shore liasion 1990 at Bantry Bay
Steven Asplet 3rd engineer 1990 to 1993
John Tarling chief mate 1990 chief mate bantry bay/dock/1st load
Brian Graham extra chief engineer 1990 Bantry Bay
Shahid Maqsood 3rd officer 1990 to 1991
Bob Holbrook 2nd cook 1990
George Smart able seaman 1990 a.b. (1st trip back in 3 years, after she nearly sank)
Pat Osullivan cook steward 1991
John Ross 2 master 1991 to 1992
Michael Reid engineer cadet 1991 2nd trip
Robert T. Dunbar 2nd officer 1991 to 1992
Colin Leighton 5th engineer 1991 to 1992
notblue master 1992
Peter G. Furmston radio officer 1992 to 1993
Colin Leighton 4th engineer 1992
Malcolm Freeman cook steward 1992


Date Visitor Anecdote
09/02/2013 - 12:24 Shaun Bromwell

Went global lugging coal on this new, yet ill fated crock in 1983. Joined in Aabenrae via a Dan-Dare flight from London to Copenhagen. From Denmark we headed for Virginia. Got smashed about for nine days crossing the North Atlantic in force 10-12's and just about limped into Hamden Roads with empty bunkers and a fo'csle awash with burst paint and thinners. The voyage from Virginia to Hong Kong via the Cape at 9 knots took months and most of us had cabin fever, having only had sight of one Albatross, a light house around St Helena and the glow of Singapore. with my shipmate Dave Parsons we hit first bag-shanty in Kowloon and went adrift for 3 days. Flogged, logged, keelhauled and banned from overtime, we endured the snails pace run back via Singapore, Richards Bay, back around the Cape and a pay off in Rotterdam.

Traditions are to be maintained.

Shaun Bromwell - Able Bodied Seaman