Completed 1957 as "ZAPHON" for STUK. 1966 jumboised from 38.390 ton to 71.175 ton at Kure Zosen. Bridge moved from midships to aft. Old forepart was converted into a barge IHI no 1. 1975 laid-up in Lamlash Bay. 7-2-1976 arrived in tow at Santander for scrapping.

IMO number
Call sign
Construction number
71.175 ton
Length overall
Year of construction
Year of renaming/broken up
Service for Shell
1957 to 1976
Flag state
Home port



Name Job Period Details
Brian Ahern Cta... catering boy
Terry Barker assistant steward 1957 to 1958
William Ormiston 5th engineer 1957
Brian Vizor deck boy 1957 to 1958
Ken Weir galley boy 1957 to 1958
Terence Byrne 2nd engineer 1957 to 1959
Tony Rafferty catering boy/galley boy 1957 to 1958
Terry Barker assistant steward 1957 to 1958
Peter Graham deck apprentice 1957 2nd trip
David Revis deck apprentice 1958
Iain Moffatt 5th engineer 1958 to 1959
Larry Crowley efficient deckhand 1958 to 1959
Don Bennett deck apprentice 1958
Peter Dobson 1 catering boy/galley boy 1958
Brian Ahern Cta... catering boy 1959
David G. Leadbetter apprentice engineer 1960
Donald Travis deck apprentice 1960
Roland Mackenzi... deck apprentice 1960
Don Mcgowan radio officer 1960 to 1963
David C. Richmond apprentice engineer 1960
David E.c. Read 3rd mate 1960
Gordon Gill deck apprentice 1961
Keith Lockyer 5th engineer 1961
Paul Munns deck apprentice 1961 to 1962
Ian Candy junior radio officer 1962 to 1963
Richard Hindle 4th engineer 1963
Bill Mullen 5th engineer 1963 xtra 5th eng-home from gulf aug 1963
Bill Grant 2nd mate, 1st officer 1963
Chris Burls 2nd mate 1964 to 1965
Joseph Clark Murphy deck apprentice 1964 to 1965
Dave Howden 3rd mate 1965
Ken Heiser 3rd mate 1965 to 1966
John P M Cusson 2nd officer 1965 to 1966
David Rayfield 3rd mate 1965
John Pearce 3rd engineer 1967 to 1968
Tony Day apprentice engineer 1968 to 1969
Roy Tubbs apprentice engineer 1968 to 1969
Noel McConnell apprentice engineer/5th engineer 1968 to 1969
Frank H. Dixon radio officer 1969 to 1970
Rogerpalmer 4th engineer 1969 to 1970
Noel McConnell apprentice engineer/5th engineer 1969 to 1970
Alistair Montgomery chief engineer 1969
Ron Miller 3rd mate 1970
Peter Gill 3rd mate 1972
Nigel Sharrock engineer cadet 1972
Gordon Alexander 5th engineer, 4th engineer 1972 to 1973
Dave Doodson engineer cadet 1972 to 1973
Steve Czerwionka 4th engineer 1972
Roger Hibberd 5th engineer 1972 to 1974 cadet and fifth engineer
Roy Robertson uncertificated 3rd mate 1973
Nigel C. Luther deck cadet 1973
Ian Coulman 2nd officer 1973
Michael Marsh 3rd engineer 1974
Les Twynholm deck apprentice 1974 to 1975
Ian Thornhill 3rd mate 1974
Richard Hesketh 5th engineer 1974
Stuart Jobson engineer cadet 1975
David Neil Jones engineer cadet 1975
Donald Miller engineer 1975 to 1976 4th engineer then engineer i/c when laid up in Lamlash Bay prior to being scrapped
Peter Dobson 2 catering boy/galley boy 1977


Date Visitor Anecdote
11/15/2017 - 19:35 Ken Weir

I joined the Zaphon in wallsend on Tyne. On maiden voyage. Galley boy. Head cook John Roberts. I worked with him again at Clatterbridge hospital. Second cook was Billy Weir, no relation.

10/11/2016 - 16:26 J B Haworth

I joined the Zaphon whilst she was being readied for her maiden voyage from Tyneside.I was sent by MIMCo of Liverpool to sign on as 2nd R/Off to start my career. Loved Newcastle on sight!I can't remember the 1st but Captain Rumbellow ( who was then the Commodore of Shell Tankers ) was in command. I also seem to remember a Kenyan deck cadet and a dubious Chief Steward who hailed from Garston - that being the next district to where I then lived. We saw a lot of ocean and acres upon acres of desert sand broken only by large black pipelines to rather austere wooden berthings. How things have changed since 1957 indeed.

03/25/2011 - 18:24 John Pearce

Sailed on the Zaphon from Oct 1967 until March 1968. When about to cross the Bay of Biscay a crack between the main deck and accommodation was discovered, could put your hand through it in the crews quarters! Ordered back to Thameshaven for immediate repairs although the old man was quite willing to continue!

03/17/2011 - 15:27 David Read

Zaphon was my first ship after obtaining Second Mates ticket. It was January 1960 and I joined as Extra Third Mate. It was Shell's flag ship with Commadore Rumbellow in command. A great captain. I spent just three months on her and then moved on as Third Mate on the Horomya. David Read

01/03/2009 - 22:05 William Ormiston

I am interested with all who was on the ZAPHON on the the first vovage,and have you any pics. my pics I have may be of interesting to you
Will from Wisbech