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02/22/2007 - 09:58 I joined STUK in November 1968 and left in September 1979. Sailed on a range of types H, V, G, M and laterly L boats. A good experience in engineering but a miserable life. Sailed with some good guys and some real bxxtards, The experience made me go for university education, never again to spend hours ripping apart engines. What bliss never to work watches again!


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1968 to 1969 HYRIA 5th engineer
1968 to 1969 HUMILARIA 5th engineer
1969 to 1970 VERMETUS 5th engineer
1970 to 1971 VOLVATELLA 4th engineer
1970 to 1971 HYRIA 4th engineer Tthere when ea Jeff Kestrel died
1973 to 1975 LIMATULA (2) 3rd engineer stood by in Odense
1974 to 1975 LATIRUS (2) 3rd engineer stood by in St Naizaire
1975 to 1976 LINGA (2) 3rd engineer stood by in Odense