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01/26/2005 - 06:19 A really excellent site which I enjoy browsing. I joined STUK in 1964 as Deck Apprentice and left in 1971 as 2nd Mate. I sailed on Hygromia, Hemisinus, Hima, Achatina, Verconella, Venassa, Medora, Donacilla and Alinda. Had a great time and on reflection perhaps the biggest mistake I made was leaving.


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1965 to 1966 HEMISINUS deck apprentice
1965 to 1966 HYGROMIA deck apprentice
1966 HIMA deck apprentice
1968 to 1969 VENASSA (1) 3rd mate
1968 ACHATINA (2) deck apprentice
1968 VERCONELLA 3rd mate
1969 to 1970 MEDORA 3rd mate
1970 DONACILLA (2) 2nd mate
1970 to 1971 ALINDA 2nd mate