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10/04/2007 - 21:47 I was also on the Dorcasia during 1956 to 1957. She was my first ship as an engineering apprentice. I joined at Stanlow and payed -off some 12 months later up the gulf. Hope to hear from others as I get my details onto your pages.


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1956 to 1957 Dorcasia (1) apprentice engineer
1957 Velletia apprentice engineer
1957 Hemiglypta apprentice engineer
1957 Hima apprentice engineer
1959 to 1960 Bela 5th engineer
1960 to 1961 Aulica 5th engineer
1960 Nassa (2) 5th engineer
1960 San Patricio (2) 5th engineer
1962 Otina (2) 3rd engineer
1963 Hinea 2nd engineer
1964 Helisoma 2nd engineer
1964 to 1965 Hemifusus 2nd engineer
1964 Gemma 2nd engineer
1974 to 1975 Volvatella 3rd engineer
1975 Acavus (2) 3rd engineer
1975 Acavus (2) supernumerary wife of brian crew supernumary
1976 Hinnites 3rd engineer Took her to a scrap yard in South Korea
1976 Opalia (2) 3rd engineer
1976 Hinnites 3rd engineer Took her to Inchon for scrap
1976 Hinnites 3rd engineer Took her to Inchon for scrap
1977 Lepeta 3rd engineer
1977 Lepeta supernumerary Wife of Brian, supernumerary and cadet hairdresser