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06/16/2014 - 09:57 I sailed on the Asprella in 69, watched the Moon shot on TV at Swansea...I believe...we couldn't watch the landing as we were well out of TV range by that time. I remember the Saloon steward smuggling a 'lady' on board. She was soon discovered and put ashore in Ireland. The ship carried chemicals at that time. All the crew had to give blood sample and a whole armful on completion of a six month trip. We sailed between Curacao, Liverpool/Stanlow, Swansea. think we went to Rotterdam once as well I paid off in Liverpool when the ship was dry docked for repairs/refit
05/22/2009 - 21:13 Hi Derek, I to sailed on the Asprella and afterwards the Megara in 1969-70. I sailed on the Asprella on the west india to Liverpool/Stanlow...Swansea run carrying chemicals. My next ship was Megara ( 7 months)..apart from the usual run between the Gulf and Europort we also went to singapore and Japan, some of the crew paid off in Sweden but I stayed on for one more trip. If you remember the Old Man changing at Cowes I of White we were on the ship at the same time ...All the best Brian Perry
04/13/2009 - 18:25 Hi to everybody who has since realized we all had a great time, the ships are long gone and in some cases alas some of the men I sailed with, they live only in our memories now. Thats what this site is all about isn't it, a shared lifestyle, in my case 40 years ago. Anybody out there remember or know where Allan Edwards is now, I sailed with him on the Asprella and Megara in 69-70. Last known address in Bexhill-on-Sea
01/13/2009 - 18:52 Having read some of the comments of late it would appear that a good few of us made a huge included...when we returned to life as landlubbers!!..............isn't hindsight wonderful. I must confess that I feel a little sad when I see the ships that I sailed on are no more...I look at some of the photographs and recall walking on the main deck or a watch on the bridge..forty years ago....the reminicences from my youth????
12/19/2008 - 17:17 To all the man that I sailed with in the sixties, early seventies may I say 'Have a peaceful Christmas and a happy New Year' ......we can't turn the clock back but we have some wonderful memories Brian Perry
11/02/2008 - 20:40 If Ray Laws was a fellow Zeppelin fan I've found a fellow shipmate from 1969 on 'Big Meg'. I well remember the five day wait for the weather at rotterdam...I stayed at that same hotel a couple of times.. Spent all my money in local bars...nothing new there then!!
03/15/2008 - 18:23 Great to find this website and see the ships I served on in the late sixties early seventies some great times with new friends, some I sailed with on two or three occations on the Vitrina, Asprella,Megara, mitre ,melo and the Marticia my last ship before I went landside. I always look back at my time on the Megara with great affection.I sailed on this ship for nine months with a geat crew ...I didn,t want to get off...does anybody remember the Isle of White enforced over night stay, sleeping in a bus shelter,moved on by the police and kipping in a hotel saloon, returning to the ship early the next morning to receive a 'bollocking' off the old man....Ah! what it was to be young Brian Perry Shell Tankers 1968 to 1972


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1969 ASPRELLA (1) g.i.s. gis (1st ship on contract with Shell Tankers)
1969 VITRINA fireman/greaser fg
1970 to 1972 MEGARA (2) able seaman (grade 1)
1970 to 1980 MUREX (3) g.i.s.
1970 MELO grade 1 seaman
1971 MARTICIA g.i.s. last trip