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01/21/2009 - 17:07 Message for Vicky Scurfield - ref picture of crew on Tomogerus 1947. Couldn't reply to you as you did not give me your email address. Hope to hear from you again.
01/05/2008 - 21:40 Hi kees In spite of your great web site I haven't been able to trace any of my dad's shipmates, although I've had some lovely replies from ex sailors. Sadly Dad has just gone to the great oil tanker in the sky. Just wondered if anybody has a Shell tanker flag we could borrow for the funeral? We are dressing him up in his uniform and we are considering taking him out to sea one last time. Any ideas gratefully received. Kind regards, Lyn
11/28/2007 - 22:37 Hi Kees Thanks for adding my fathers name to all the ships lists. I am still looking for his shipmates. Can't believe how often the Shell Tanker sailors changed ships - it seems like everybody moved around so much so I'm sure it must be hard to remember anybody!! I wonder why that was?? Anyway I am still hopeful.
11/18/2007 - 23:52 Ref: David Whiteley Just found my Dad's Discharge Records and so this is his seamans history: 1947/1948 ? Neverita 1948/1949 ? Tomogerus 1050/1951 ? Trochiscus 1951/1952 ? Thallepus 1952/1953 ? Dromus 1954 ? Hyalina 1954/1955 ? Thalamus 1956 ? Tagelus 1957 ? Ensis 1958 ? Neothyris 1959/1960 ? Hinea 1960 ? Hima He may be remembered for having a pet raccoon on board, but I'm not sure which ship that was on... Particularly interested in tracing his sudy mates Edwards and Rab - as they seem to appear in lots of photos. My Dad is in a nursing home now and keen for any news! Thanks, Lyn
11/13/2007 - 22:31 Looking for anybody who was at sea with my dad, david whiteley. Have photo of crew on TOMOGERUS in 1949 with names on back: shaw,scurfield,turnbull,duffy,wood,mac,whiteley,emery, jefferies,newby,williams,dixon,capt.thornton, hadley,ruthven,haw,lonsdale. Also have lots of photos of another colleague called edwards. dad would love to hear from any other ex shell tanker colleagues - can contact him via my email address.


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1947 to 1948 NEVERITA (1) 4th mate
1948 to 1949 TOMOGERUS 4th mate
1950 to 1951 TROCHISCUS 4th mate
1951 to 1952 THALLEPUS 3rd mate
1952 to 1953 DROMUS (1) master Boarded ship as master after fire.
1952 to 1953 DROMUS (1) 3rd mate
1954 HYALINA 3rd mate
1954 to 1955 THALAMUS 2nd mate
1956 TAGELUS (1) 2nd mate
1957 ENSIS (1) 1st mate
1958 NEOTHYRIS 1st mate
1959 to 1960 HINEA 1st mate
1960 HIMA 1st mate