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01/28/2009 - 10:56 Stuart - how are you mate and so so long no see? What are you up to nowadays? I moved to mobil Shipping in 1989 cos fed up with sailing on LNG ships so went as C/E on tankers but in 1994 mobil got involved with the qatargas 1 project and as I was the only LNG experienced idiot in the office I was "selected" to go to Japan, for nearly 4.5 years as it turned to be site manager at Mitsui to build 3 moss type 135K LNG carriers. After they were delivered, qatargas needed some LNG experience for the operational side so guess what - off to Qatar supposedly until the guarantee dockings were done. no surprise - did them then it was - "well can you hang on until we do the first special surveys?" no choice so did that then this QG2 project kicked off so I spend a lot of time travelling to Korea (DSME) to sort probelms out with the yard. Keep in touch mate.


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1974 HADRIANIA engineer cadet
1975 to 1979 HINNITES engineer cadet
1975 ZAPHON (1) engineer cadet
1976 to 1977 AULICA 5th engineer