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08/31/2009 - 22:28 Hi all,how are all you seagoing people doing,i sailed with shell from 1979-2005 all kinds of tankers oil and gas,had some great times,some fantastic runs ashore ,memories dont get better than that, now in charge of security in a factory ughh,i would go back to sea tomorrow. greetings to all i sailed with.
06/25/2008 - 21:03 hi david byrne here ex shell tankers 1973-2006 rating to eng officer cast adrift at 58 years after 33 years service best regards to most i sailed with,no regards to a couple mv paludina (several times) mv pomella(several times) ss lampas(several times) ss lanistes ss acavus(twice) ss limatula ss lyria(twice) mv tectus ss rapana ss serenia mv norrisia(twice) mv northia mv isocardia ss drupa ss limea ss leonia ss latia fsu banio ss belais(several times) northwest seaeagle(twice) ss puteri delima lng finima(twice) lng bonny(twice) ss tenaga empat ss bubuk ss bilis ss bekulan lng lagos (also on lay up loch striven) lng port harcourt ss galea (twice) ss galeoma anyone remember these ships (plenty memories good and bad) some fantastic runs ashore-some hard work in the engine room,and on deck ,some good lads in catering also,keep in contact we are all getting older dave byrne fireman/motorman to cargo engineer
03/18/2006 - 23:58 best wishes to my friends in shell,scrapped at 58 years old
03/18/2006 - 23:36 paludina(many times) pomella(few times) acavus(couple of times) serenia drupa norrisia(few times) northia(few times) lanistes linga limatula lyria(couple of times) tectus rapana lampas (few times) isocardia limea leonia latia banio belais(few times) northwest seaeagle(couple of times) puteri delima lima finima(couple of times) bonny(couple of times) tenega empat bubuk bilis bekulan lagos(couple of times) port harcourt galea(couple of times) galeomma
03/18/2006 - 23:18 from engineroom hand to gas cargo engineer now ashore rising again


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1979 to 1983 PALUDINA (3) petty officer motorman, petty officer motorman
1980 LANISTES petty officer motorman
1981 to 1983 POMELLA (2) petty officer motorman
1981 LIMATULA (2) motorman
1981 LINGA (2) motorman
1982 ACAVUS (2) pumpman
1986 to 1998 LAMPAS (2) engineer motorman,petty officer,spare gear,5th eng,4th eng,3rd eng
1992 LEONIA 4th engineer
1992 LIMNEA (3) 5th engineer
1994 BELAIS 4th engineer
1995 PUTERI DELIMA 4th engineer
1996 LIMA (2) 4th engineer
2005 GALEOMMA (2) 3rd engineer
2005 LNG FINIMA 3rd engineer