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07/16/2005 - 23:11 I was the first Second mate attending the launch at Bethlehem Steel and thensailing in the Caprinus for her first six months. Went passenger to New York on the Isle de France staying in Quncy .Mass., while the ship was completed. First skipper was Capt Blair. Anyone remember?
07/16/2005 - 22:16 Served on Anglo-Saxon Pet ships as follows"-Empire Nugget,Cowrie,Cliona,Ninella,Wave Protector,Daphnella,Thaumastus,Empire Tesbury,Ancylus,,, Natacina,Caprinus starting as Apprentice and ending as lst Mate.Years 1942 to 1951 - anyone remember ? Also did a spell on the old Mytilus at Pladjoe, Sumatra.
07/16/2005 - 22:05 I was Second Mate on the Thaumastus late 1947 to summer 1948


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1943 Cowrie (2) apprentice
1946 Solen (1) 3rd mate Supernumery/3rd mate 1946 Solon was a station oiler in Singapore and used as a hotel vessel for Shell tanker employees leaving or joining ships of the Eastern fleet.
1946 to 1947 Empire Tesbury 1st mate
1947 to 1948 Thaumastus 2nd mate
1947 to 1948 Daphnella (1) 2nd mate
1950 Caprinus 2nd mate
1950 to 1951 Narica (1) 1st mate