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05/16/2009 - 18:35 Kees - Although I was made aware of your website some time back, I got onto it again recently, searching for some details of Captain Geoff Donnelly - celebrating his 40 Years with Shell - and I found several details and ships pictures. Great Website and I will make it a routine to get back on regular basis. I sailed with STBV, following Maritime College at West Terschelling. Went from a wet career into a dry career and worked in Rotterdam office, london, Singapore and now Houston (as Regional Marine Manager US) Not anywhere near the 40 years of Geoff, but getting closer - Thanks again, great site !!


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1981 KYLIX apprentice
1981 DIADEMA apprentice
1982 DIONE (2) 4th mate
1984 to 1985 ONOBA (2) 4th officer