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11/17/2004 - 19:11 Hello to the old Shellmen who where at sea under the Red or Yellow Shell flag. I started as cadet officer on Saxonhill and later as 3rd and 20d officer on Butagaz, Shellphalte, Iacra ex Acavus, Iphigenia, Isanda, twice on Isidora , World Heath, Isara end at last back to the World Hill I left at Mina al Ahamadi the day JFK was murdered in Dallas... Later I jogned the CAMEL liquefaction plant in Arzew as Terminal Supeintendent where I was in touch with Methane Princess and Methane Progress masters W Atkinson, Jack Munday and Ray Swainston ans cazrgo officers JAF Crook and D Campbell. Please connect me if you have some news of these gentlemen. Georges