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12/03/2007 - 21:12 6 weeks ago I wrote on this page reagarding my Uncle Herbert Rintoul sadly I would like to take this opportunity to tell all his ex-crewmates that he passed away 28 October he did enjoy reminicing about his days' at sea on all the Ships he served on. I am currently trying to put together a portfolio of his days' with the Shell tankers' for myself and for any other family members' that would like a copy the trouble is I have his seaman's discharge book starting from 7 May 1973 he did have prior to this but sadly we couldnt find it in his belongings any idea as to how I can retrieve this lost info so that I can have a complete portfolio on his days with Shell. I have also some photograghs which he took while on the Eburna and Opalia at sea as well as detailed pictures of the Panama Canal when he was there on duty its interesting to look at I only wish he shared it with my sister and I it would have been eductional for us at the time.
10/22/2007 - 16:07 I am Herbert Rintoul's neice and I am trying to contact any of his former crew mates on eiter the Opalia2 or the Euburna. Time is sadly running out for this old sea horse as sadly he has terminal cancer and only been given months to live, he currently is reminicing his sea days be requesting to see any photos of his beloved tankers before he passes away, my sister and I have only what he sent us when he was with Shell as we were very close to him. We have only come across the OPALIA AND EBURNA. It would be nice for some of his ex-ship mates to get intouch via myself. You can email him via me. Linsey Reid(nee Rintoul)