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05/08/2007 - 04:48 What a great web site, Full of memories from a time when the world was much larger. I to was drawn to the sea as a boy. And still am. So in 1960 I sail on the Schelpwijk as a ketelbinkie for 11 months, What a lives experience that was !!! Than a Other 4 years with Shell, on the Arca- Kribsia-Acteon-Katelysia-& Korovina.from Matroos o/g to Volmatroos, Hard work but we had a great time with good mates. my nick name was krekeltje, I guess I talk to much ?in '66 I moved to Canada with my buddy Jan Broekelman, Also a Matroos at shell, a car accident took Jan live shortly after arriving here. any Way Thanks for the memories