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06/09/2005 - 05:16 Reply to Stan's message 25/05/2005 Re Axina I signed on the Axina in Rotterdam as Extra Third Mate on April 4 1964. On July 9th 1964 I signed off in singapore to transfer to the Ninella. I recall we did a couple of trans channel voyages with CPP before loading a cargo destined to Antalya in Turkey. It sticks in my mind since it involved a stern discharge. After Antalya we sailed through Suez for Singapore. Regret I don't know where the Axina went after that. Regards Jim MacIntyre
11/01/2004 - 01:12 I have just discovered this interesting website. I sailed with Shell (UK) in the early 1960's on Davila, Axina, Ninella and Rita. Since retirement three years ago I have been collecting pictures and plans of those ships intending to build scale models. The research process has been very interesting with various contacts in UK and Netherlands, all of whom have been most helpful. I look forward to correspondence with anyone with similar interests. Sincerely James MacIntyre Medford NJ USA jmacin5573@aol.com


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1963 to 1964 DAVILA extra 3rd mate
1964 RITA 3rd mate
1964 NINELLA 3rd mate
1964 AXINA extra 3rd mate