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03/13/2006 - 10:27 Hi interesting site , I served with Joe Shell as a radio officer from Sept 65 till approx 1970, I think it was the SS Vitrina that we took up to Nah Bay in Vietnam and were fired at with RPGs we used to run avgas to the Americans an offload at Nah Bay or Nah Trang Bay (a 7 hour tie up ). I also sailed on SS Alinda, SS Hemicardium STS Hatasia, SS Hemisinus, SS Lucellum and M.V. Lucigen. I had a ball tramped S Africa, Borneo and Japan. Had the pleasure of meeting many great blokes. thankyou Jerry
08/28/2005 - 14:32 9/65 SS Alinda 2nd R/O 11/65 SS Hemicardium 2nd.R/O 8/66 SS Hatasia R/O 6/67 SS Vitrina R/O 2/68 SS Hemisinus R/O 8/68 SS Lucellum R/O 5/69 MV Parthia R/O 3/70 SS Mawana R/O 3/71 SS Matra R/O 4/71 MV Markhor R/O Yep I guess I had a good run with Shell Tankers Far Eastern. I even miss it today from tramping S>Africa to being shot at in the Saigon River, they were good days..
08/28/2005 - 14:05 I was the radio officer on the SS Hemicardium in 1965 where I joined her in Curacao she was a good old ship.