John Brown

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Period Tanker Job Details
1974 to 1975 Horomya deck cadet 1st trip
1975 Latirus (2) deck cadet
1976 Labiosa (2) deck cadet
1977 Methane Princess (1) deck cadet
1977 Felipes (3) deck cadet


Tanker Date Anecdote
Naticina (1) 02/09/2010 - 23:46

I signed on this rust bucket 10 nov. 53 and was fortunate enough to leave her 1 dec 53 in north shields.we did not get out side territorial waters so no cigaretwe put into Falmouth to fix some of her problems, no money to buy cigs 2nd cook dried tea leaves and wrapped them in toilet paper he quit smoking after that. When we got to North Shields, they started to cut open the fidley deck to replace the engines the union got us payed off John brown.