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03/01/2021 - 18:22 I joined the STS Haustellum in 1954 as the Galley boy in Newcastle I believe . I sailed on her for the first year from sea trials including her maiden voyage. this was my first tanker and voyage overseas. we sailed from Newcastle for sea trials then to Falmouth before finally leaving for overseas. It was not a particularly happy ship as there were some issues on board . I believe one of the engineers was paid off early as I think he was unstable . the cook at the time was a bit of a bully and made my life miserable. toward the end of my time, on board, the Bosun was killed trying to connect cables for the wind tubes airing out the tanks. We also went through Hurricane Hazel which damaged some of the superstructure including parts of the flying bridge. we had single cabins and my cabin was right aft . Any time the seas got rough I had to make sure my deadlight was closed and screwed tight as it was real close to the water. All in all it was a stressful voyage and I was glad to be paid off.