John H Lightfoot


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1961 to 1962 HINNITES apprentice engineer
1962 HINDSIA apprentice engineer
1962 to 1963 OTINA (2) apprentice engineer
1964 VELLETIA 5th engineer
1964 to 1965 PLAGIOLA 5th engineer
1965 to 1966 SOLEN (2) 5th engineer
1966 CAPULONIX 3rd engineer extra 3rd and 3rd engineer
1967 ANADARA (2) 2nd engineer accompanied by wife Lilian
1967 to 1968 VOLUTA 2nd engineer accompanied by wife Lilian


Tanker Anecdote Post date Action

2 weeks on board getting a lift home from Curacao after 10 months on the Hinnites. No air flights in those days if there was a passing ship.

10/18/2011 - 01:18

Joined the Hinnites on the River Tyne as an 18 year old Engineer Apprentice in Sept 1961 and 10 months later had sailed right round the world on her, visiting many countrie

10/18/2011 - 00:59